poikkeuksellinen englanniksi   outré fi, peculiar fi, exceptional fi, different fi, uncommon fi


*: To begin with, King Lear is the most unconventional, the most nearly hysterical, the most outré and outrageous play Shakespeare ever wrote.

: The sky had a peculiar appearance before the storm.

: It would be rather peculiar to see a kangaroo hopping down a city street.

*: I saw nothing peculiar in his conduct, and thought that his arrangement of the ballot box was perfect.

*: "Wasnt it peculiar," I heard mother say, "How he wouldnt talk about himself?"

*: "Peculiar?" said father. "Well, yes, in a way."

*: "Everything about him is peculiar." Mother sounded as if she was stirred up and interested. "I never saw a man quite like him before."

: Kangaroos are peculiar to Australia.

*: This philosopher found his ideas especially in all that is practical,[29] that is, which rests upon freedom, which in its turn ranks under cognitions that are the peculiar product of reason.

*: But of late years extensive Tertiary deposits of Miocene age have been discovered, showing that it is not a mere congeries of volcanoes; it [Iceland] is connected with the British Islands and with Greenland by seas less than 500 fathoms deep; and it possesses a few mammalia, one of which is peculiar, and at least three peculiar species of birds.

*: And purify unto himself a peculiar people.

*: hymns ... that Christianity hath peculiar unto itself

*: while each peculiar power forgoes his wonted seat

*: My fate is Junos most peculiar care.

*: Revenge is ... the peculiar of Heaven.

: What an exceptional flower!

: The quality of the beer was exceptional.

: an exceptional curve; an exceptional divisor

*: Enter the American tourist. He thinks of himself as a good guy but when he looks in the mirror to shave this good guy he has to admit that "well, other people are different from me and I dont really like them." This makes him feel guilty toward other people.

*: In any case, poor black respondents living in high-poverty neighborhoods are most likely to view their neighborhood as a single block or block group and to use this definition consistently when asked about different neighborhood characteristics and activities.

: ux|en|Several different scientists all reached this conclusion at about the same time.

: Bald eagles are an uncommon sighting in this state

: The diamond was of uncommon size

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