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*: All were waiting : uncle Charles, who sat far away in the shadow of the window, Dante and Mr Casey, who sat in the easy chairs at either side of the hearth, Stephen, seated on a chair between them, his feet resting on a toasting boss.

: Chat turned to whisper when the boss entered the conference room.

: My boss complains that Im always late to work.

: They named him boss because he had good leadership skills.

: He is the Republican boss in Kentucky.

: Yes, boss.

: Theres no olive oil, will sunflower oil do? — Ill have to run that by the boss.

*: By YOU last night’s journey was actually bossed / Without you, I’m certain, we’d all have been lost.

*: His sisters bossed him and spoiled him. All their lives he was to go on being their little brother, who could do no wrong, because he was the baby; [...]

*: She bossed him, and hes never gotten over it. She still orders him around, and instead of telling her to go soak her head, he just says Yes, maam as weak as a newborn jellyfish [...]

*: For if, on the one hand, I bossed him and showed him what to do and how to do it, [...]

: Dont you think surfings boss?

*: The apprentice carries a gather of glass on the blowpipe to the gaffers bench ...

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