portti englanniksi   port, gateway, portal, wicket


*: peering in maps for ports and piers and roads

: on the port side

: Port your helm!

*: And whan he cam to the porte of the pavelon, Sir Palomydes seyde an hyghe, ‘Where art thou, Sir Trystram de Lyones?’

*: Long were it to describe the goodly frame, / And stately port of Castle Joyeous [...].

: Him I accuse/The city ports by this hath enterd — [[w:William Shakespeare|Shakespeare]], [[w:Coriolanus (play)|Coriolanus]] (1623), [[s:The_Tragedy_of_Coriolanus

: And from their ivory port the Cherubim,/Forth issuing at the accustomed hour, — [[w:John Milton|Milton]], [[w:Paradise Lost|Paradise Lost]] (1667), [[s:Paradise Lost/Book IV|book IV]]

: ...her ports being within sixteen inches of the water... — [[w:Walter Raleigh|Sir W. Raleigh]]

: They are easily ported by boat into other shires. — [[w:Thomas Fuller|Fuller]], The History of the Worthies of England

: Port arms!

: ...the angelic squadron...began to hem him round with ported spears. — [[w:John Milton|Milton]], [[w:Paradise Lost|Paradise Lost]] (1667), [[s:Paradise Lost/Book IV|book IV]]

*: And of his port as meeke as is a mayde.

*: Those same with stately grace, and princely port / She taught to tread, when she her selfe would grace ...

*: the necessities of pomp, grandeur, and a suitable port in the world

: Gamers cant wait until a port of the title is released on the new system.

: The latest port of the database software is the worst since we made the changeover.

*: As they left the classroom, Jennifer pointed at the shelves lining the veranda. “Put your port in there.”

*: “What?” asked Penny.

*: “Your port - your school bag, silly. It goes in there.”

*: No, she just paid up proper-like t the end of the week, an orf she went with er port, down t the station, I suppose.----

*: Thick with sparkling orient gems / The portal shone.

: The local library, a portal of knowledge.

: The new medical portal has dozens of topical categories containing links to hundreds of sites.

: the portal vein

: The gate in front of the railroad crossing went up after the train had passed.

: ux|en|Singh was bowled through the gate, a very disappointing way for a world-class batsman to get out

*: I was going to be an honest man; but the devil has this very day flung first a lawyer, and then a woman, in my gate.

*: nought regarding, they kept on their gate, / And all her vaine allurements did forsake [...].

*: As he did so he heard the shuffle of footsteps entering the chapel and the clicking of the confessional wicket.

: rfquotek|Bartlett

: rfquotek|Raymond

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