prospérer englanniksi   boom fr, prosper fr, thrive fr


: Thunder boomed in the distance and lightning flashes lit up the horizon.

: The cannon boomed, recoiled, and spewed a heavy smoke cloud.

: Beneath the cliff, the sea was booming on the rocks.

: I can hear the organ slowly booming from the chapel.

*: Did you ever hear a bittern booming?

: Men in grey robes slowly booming the drums of death.

*: If you pull this off every paper in England and America will be booming you.

*: She comes booming down before it.

: The boom of the surf.

*: Interestingly, the blue monkeys boom and pyow calls are both long-distance signals (Brown, 1989), yet the two calls differ in respect to their susceptibility to habitat-induced degradation.

: to boom out a sail; to boom off a boat

*: Prosper thou our handiwork.

*: All things concur to prosper our design.

*: rhymes|a?v|lang=en

:* 1819 (though spoken by a character in the 12-century): “It seems to me, reverend father,” said the knight, “that the small morsels which you eat, together with this holy, but somewhat thin beverage, have thriven with you marvellously.” — Walter Scott, Ivanhoe

: Since expanding in June, the business has really thrived.

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