pullistua englanniksi   bilge fi, balloon fi, pooch fi, bag fi, billow fi


: the balloon of St. Pauls Cathedral in London

: His stomach ballooned from eating such a large meal.

: Prices will balloon if we dont act quickly.

: Theres a pooch in the plastic where it got too hot.

: Her left sleeve has more pooch at the shoulder than the right.

: Inflate that tire too much and the tube may pooch out of the cut in the sidewall.

: ux|en|Acid House is not my bag: I prefer the more traditional styles of music.

: ux|en|The grounder hit the bag and bounced over the fielder’s head.

: ux|en|He headed back to the bag.

: ux|en|If one has a [[bag]] of three apples and the letter a is taken to denote apple, then such [[bag]] could be represented symbolically as {a,a,a}. Note that in an ordinary context, when talking about a [[bag]] of apples, one does not care about identifying the individual apples, although one might be interested in distinguishing apples by species, for example, letting r denote red apple and g denote green apple, then a [[bag]] of three red apples and two green apples could be denoted as {r,r,r,g,g}.

: ux|en|the bag of poison in the mouth of some serpents

: ux|en|the bag of a cow

: ux|en|We bagged three deer yesterday.

*: ux|en|a bee bagged with his honeyed venom

: ux|en|The skin bags from containing morbid matter.

: ux|en|The brisk wind bagged the sails.

: ux|en|His trousers bag at the knees.

: rfquotek|Chaucer

: rfquotek|Warner. (Alb. Eng.)

*: whom the winds waft whereer the billows roll

*: And the brooklet has found the billow / Though they flowed so far apart.

*: Have the swirling sands engulfed them, on a noon of storm when the desert rose like the sea, and rolled its tawny billows on the walled gardens of the green and fragrant lands?

*: During the preceding afternoon a heavy North Pacific fog had blown in … Scudding eastward from the ocean, it had crept up and over the redwood-studded crests of the Coast Range mountains, ..., billowing steadily eastward, it had rolled up the western slopes of the Siskiyou Range, ...

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