puolittainen englanniksi   half


: a half bushel; a half hour; a half dollar; a half view

: a half dream; half knowledge

*: Assumed from thence a half consent.

: A m|en|half brother or m|en|half sister

: A m|en|half uncle or m|en|half aunt or m|en|half cousin

: We went to bed at half ten.

: half-colored; half done; half-hearted; half persuaded; half conscious

*: Half loth and half consenting.

*: Their children spoke half in the speech of Ashdod.

: You dont know the half of it.

*: Not half his riches known, and yet despised.

*: A friendship so complete Portioned in halves between us

*: He came back with a pint of Guinness for me and a half of bitter for Wendy.

*: I accepted a half of bitter from him.

*: I went to the bar where I bought a pint and two large brandies. ... "Not brandy," she replied, "but I could use a long drink - maybe a half of lager."

: Three-quarters minus a quarter is a half.

: rfquotek|Wyclif

*: The four halves of the house

: half one — half past one, 1:30

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