puska englanniksi   tuft, bush, scrub


*: Several young tufts, and others of the faster men.

: rfquotek|Thomson

*: As he stood on one side, unbuttoning his waistcoat and breeches, her fat brawny thighs hung down, and the whole greasy landscape lay fairly open to my view; a wide open mouthed gap, overshaded with a grizzly bush, seemed held out like a beggar?s wallet for its provision.

*: But no, the little pool of semen was there, proof positive, with droplets caught hanging in her bush.

: ux|en|bushes to support pea vines

*: If it be true that good wine needs no bush, tis true that a good play needs no epilogue.

*: Around it, and above, for ever green, / The bushing alders formd a shady scene.

: to bush peas

: to bush a piece of land; to bush seeds into the ground

*: I remember, about five years ago, I was greatly annoyed by a ghost, while doing a job of fencing in the bush between here and Perth.

*: Little Dot had lost her way in the bush.

*: The theme of children lost in the bush is a well-worked one in Australian art and literature.

: The bush vote; bush party; [[bush tucker|bush tucker]]; bush aristocracy; bush tea

: On hatching, the chicks scramble to the surface and head bush on their own.

: Theyre supposed to be a major league team, but so far theyve been bush.

: The way that pitcher showed up the batter after the strikeout was bush.

: rfquotek|Farrow

: to bush a pivot hole

*: How solitary, how scrub, does this town look!

*: No little scrub joint shall come on my board.

*: a sorry scrub

*: We should go there in as proper a manner possible; nor altogether like the scrubs about us.

*: A scrub is a guy that thinks hes fly
And is also known as a buster
Always talkin about what he wants
And just sits on his broke ass ...

: ux|en|You are such a scrub! Instead of washing the dishes you put the used food on your face!

: Engineers had to scrub the satellite launch due to bad weather.

: The street segment data from the National Post Office will need to be scrubbed before it can be integrated into our system.

: rfquotek|Ainsworth

*: A man dressed as a lab tech, his blue scrubs startlingly pale against the vivid red and black chaos, moved into sight from behind the SUV. He carried an assault rifle.

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