puutavara englanniksi   timber, lumber


: timbering a roof

*: Here they live by fishing on the most plentiful coasts in the world; there they fell trees, by the sides of large rivers, for masts and lumber;

*: The bookful blockhead ignorantly read, / With loads of learned lumber in his head,...

*: They put all the little plate they had in the lumber, which is pawning it, till the ships came.

*: ...he was only apprized of the arrival of the Monkbarns division by the gee-hupping of the postilion, as the post-chaise lumbered up behind him.

*: The mean utensils, pewter measures, empty cans and casks, with which this room was lumbered, proclaimed it that of the host, who slept surrounded by his professional implements of hospitality and stock-in-trade.

*: stuff lumbered together

: to lumber up a room

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