rakastaja englanniksi   lover, paramour


*: Love is blind, and lovers cannot see / The pretty follies that themselves commit.

: a lover of fine wines

: a lover of his country

: All right, me lover?

*: For par amour I loved her first ere thou.

*:And as for to say that I love La Beall Isode paramoures, I dare make good that I do, and that she hath my servyse abovyn all other ladyes, and shall have, all the terme of my lyff.-->

*: Is this trouthe said Palomydes / Thenne shall we hastely here of sire Tristram / And as for to say that I loue la Beale Isoud peramours I dare make good that I doo / and that she hath my seruyse aboue alle other ladyes / and shalle haue the terme of my lyf

*: The seducer appeared with dauntless front, accompanied by his paramour.

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