rakennelma englanniksi   edifice, erection, structure, construction


: The Empire State Building was once the worlds tallest erection.

*: I think that the case also demonstrates some singular aspects of the penis as a narrator of tales, specifically the way in which the erection of a penis falls outside a mans conscious control and therefore threatens a carefully constructed master legal narrative in which bodily self-control graphically represents the self-government contemplated by a democratic legal society.

*: There are men who say they cannot bear to show themselves naked before women unless in a state of erection; and indeed through erection the flesh becomes activity, potency,

*: A marriage was only consummated via erection, penetration, and insemination intra vas.

*: Older men typically require longer periods of time to achieve erection and reach orgasm.

*: A very rare complication is priapism, where the penis maintains its erection for many hours.

: He placed his newspaper on his lap to hide his erection.

*: The surge of hormones during puberty means you might have lots of erections, even when you dont want them—like during school.

*: Prem was sure everyone could see his erection through his pants, everyone but Maya, who he had been careful to keep to his side all the time

*: He kissed her again, this time with a long, moist kiss that gave him an erection.

: The birds had built an amazing structure out of sticks and various discarded items.

: He studied the structure of her face.

: The structure of a sentence.

: The structure of the society was still a mystery.

: For some, the structure of school life was oppressive.

: This structure contains both date and timezone information.

: Theres lots of structure to be fished along the west shore of the lake; the impoundment submerged a town there when it was built.

: The South African leader went off to consult with the structures.

: Im trying to structure my time better so Im not always late.

: Ive structured the deal to limit the amount of money we can lose.

: Construction is underway on the new bridge.

: The engineer marvelled at his construction.

: He had worked in construction all his life.

: The office was a construction of steel and glass.

: "Construction in string and clockwork" took first prize.

: A thing of simple construction.

: American conservatives tend to favor strict construction of the Constitution.

*: He had considered sending Lucille away to stay with relations. But then people might have put the worst construction on it – might believe she had done something she shouldnt have.

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