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*: a huge pewter measuring pot which, in the language of the hostess, reamed with excellent claret

: I cant go – I still have reams of work left.

: We had a nice paddle this morning.

: The paddle practically ousted the British cane as the spankers attribute in the independent US

: A sea turtles paddles make it swim almost as fast as land tortoises are slow

*: as the men were paddling for their lives

*: while paddling ducks the standing lake desire

*: Daytimes we paddled all over the island in the canoe...

*: to be paddling palms and pinching fingers.

: The boat was swamped in the storm.

: I have been swamped with paperwork ever since they started using the new system.

*: Mr. Spitzer’s defeat of his Democratic opponent ... ended a primary season in which Hillary Rodham Clinton swamped an antiwar challenger for renomination to the Senate.

*: The Whig majority of the house of Lords was swamped by the creation of twelve Tory peers.

*: Having swamped himself in following the ignis fatuus of a theory...

: He is a good oar.

*: Turning the long tables upside down — and there were twelve of them — they seated themselves, one behind another, within the upturned table tops as though they were boats and were about to oar their way into some fabulous ocean.

*: Orion hit a rabbit once; but though sore wounded it got to the bury, and, struggling in, the arrow caught the side of the hole and was drawn out.nb.... Ikey the blacksmith had forged us a spearhead after a sketch from a picture of a Greek warrior; and a rake-handle served as a shaft.

: ux|en|Jim has had a rake of trouble with his new car.

: ux|en|The train was formed of a locomotive and a rake of six coaches.

: We raked all the leaves into a pile

: Detectives appeared, roped the curious people out of the grounds, and raked the place for clews. -- Captain John Blaine

*: raking in Chaucer for antiquated words

*: The statesman rakes the town to find a plot.

: the enemy machine guns raked the roadway

: Her sharp fingernails raked the side of my face.

*: like clouds that rake the mountain summits

: The casino is just raking in the cash; its like a license to print money.

*: Pas could not stay, but over him did rake.

: A mast rakes aft.

*: The Spectator

*:: We now have rakes in the habit of Roman senators, and grave politicians in the dress of Rakes. — the Spectator

: rfquotek|Shenstone

: a sheep-raik = a sheep-walk

: That is the slough of a rattler; we must be careful.

: This is the slough that came off of his skin after the burn.

: This skin is being sloughed.

: A week after he was burned, a layer of skin on his arm sloughed off.

*: The mud sloughed off her palms easily ...

: East sloughed a heart.

: We paddled under a canopy of trees through the slough.

: The [[w:Sacramento River Delta|Sacramento River Delta]] contains dozens of sloughs that are often used for water-skiing and fishing.

: John is in a slough.

: Potholes or sloughs formed by a glacier’s retreat from the central plains of North America, are now known to be some of the world’s most productive ecosystems.

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