rassembler englanniksi   collect fr, garner fr, herd fr, assemble fr, gather fr, round up fr


: ux|en|Suzanne collected all the papers she had laid out.

: ux|en|A bank collects a monthly payment on a clients new car loan.   A mortgage company collects a monthly payment on a house.

: ux|en|John Henry collects stamps.

*: the riot is so great that it is very difficult to collect what is being said.

*: ... which sequence, I conceive, is very ill collected.

: ux|en|He had a lot of trouble collecting on that bet he made.

: ux|en|The rain collected in puddles.

: ux|en|I dont think he collects as much as hoards.

*: Whence some collect that the former word imports a plurality of persons.

: It was to be a collect delivery, but no-one was available to pay.

: I had to call collect.

: He used the days collect as the basis of his sermon.

*: That our garners may be full, affording all manner of store: that our sheep may bring forth thousands and ten thousands in our streets.

*: Whose fan is in his hand, and he will throughly purge his floor, and gather his wheat into the garner; but he will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire.

*: I walked enormous distances...garnering thoughts even from the heather.

*: He garnered the fruit of his studies in seven volumes.

*: ...its fleet went out to garner in the elusive but highly succulent fish.

: He garnered a reputation as a language expert.

: Her new book garnered high praise from the critics.

: His poor choices garnered him a steady stream of welfare checks.

*: This country will never forget nor fail to honor those who have so courageously garnered our highest regard.

*: President Roosevelt garnered the support of our working men and women...

*: For this alone on Death I wreak / The wrath that garners in my heart;

*: The lowing herd wind slowly o’er the lea.

*: Zakouma is the last place on Earth where you can see more than a thousand elephants on the move in a single, compact herd.

*: But far more numerous was the herd of such / Who think too little and who talk too much.

*: You can never interest the common herd in the abstract question.

: Sheep herd on many hills.

: rfdate I’ll herd among his friends, and seem One of the number. Addison.

*: Any talent which gives a good new thing to others is a miracle, but commentators have thought it extra miraculous that Englands first known poet was an illiterate herd.

: I heard the herd of cattle being herded home from a long way away.

: He assembled the model ship.

: The parents assembled in the school hall.

*: Thither he assembled all his train.

*: All the men of Israel assembled themselves.

: Ive been gathering ideas from the people I work with.

: She bent down to gather the reluctant cat from beneath the chair.

: We went to gather some blackberries from the nearby lane.

: Over the years hed gathered a considerable collection of mugs.

: People gathered round as he began to tell his story.

*: Tears from the depth of some divine despair / Rise in the heart, and gather to the eyes.

*: Their snowball did not gather as it went.

: She gathered the shawl about her as she stepped into the cold.

: A gown should be gathered around the top so that it will remain shaped.

: Be careful not to stretch or gather your knitting.

: If you want to emphasise the shape, it is possible to gather the waistline.

: to gather the slack of a rope

: From his silence, I gathered that things had not gone well.

: I gather from Aunty May that you had a good day at the match.

: Salt water can help boils to gather and then burst.

*: He gathers ground upon her in the chase.

: Round up the usual suspects.

: The total is $24,995 — lets round up to $25,000.

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