rauhoittua englanniksi   quiet fi, calm down fi, compose fi, relax fi, subside fi, take it easy fi


: ux|en|I cant hear the music; it is too quiet.

: ux|en|the sea was quiet; a quiet night at home; all quiet on the Western [[front]]

: ux|en|The traffic was quiet for a Monday morning.

: ux|en|Business was quiet for the season.

: ux|en|Hes a very quiet man usually, but is very chatty after a few beers.

: a quiet dress; quiet colours; a quiet movement

: a quiet install

: When you quiet, we can start talking.

: Can you quiet your child? Hes making lots of noise.

: The umpire quieted the crowd, so the game could continue in peace.

: There was a strange quiet in the normally very lively plaza.

: We need a bit of quiet before we can start the show.

: Calm down before you hurt somebody.

: The editor composed a historical journal from many individual letters.

: Try to compose your thoughts.

*: Zeal ought to be composed of the highest degrees of all pious affection.

: A church is composed of its members.

*: A few useful things ... compose their intellectual possessions.

: The orator composed his speech over the week prior.

: Nine numbered symphonies, including the Fifth, were composed by Beethoven.

: Its difficult to compose without absolute silence.

*: Let me compose / Something in verse as well as prose.

*: the genius that composed such works as the "Standard" and "Last Supper"

: The defendant couldnt compose herself and was found in contempt.

*: Compose thy mind; / Nor frauds are here contrived, nor force designed.

*: By trying his best to compose matters with the mullahs, he had sincerely shown that he did not seek a violent collision ...

*: In a peaceful grave my corpse compose.

*: How in safety best we may / Compose our present evils.

*: The wind ceased, and there was a great calm.

: to calm a crying baby

: to calm the passions

*: to calm the tempest raised by Aeolus

: to relax a rope or cord; to relax the muscles or sinews

*: Horror ... all his joints relaxed.

: to relax discipline; to relax ones attention or endeavours

*: The stature of mortmain was at several times relaxed by the legislature.

: quote-book|year=1953|author=Edward Corwin|title=The Constitution of the United States of America: Analysis and Interpretation|chapter=Section 2. Jurisdiction|url=http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/18637|page=589|passage=The Court rejected the contention that the doctrine of sovereign immunity should be relaxed as inapplicable to suits for specific relief as distinguished from damage suits, saying: "The Government, as representative of the community as a whole, cannot be stopped in its tracks by any plaintiff who presents a disputed question of property or contract right."

: Amusement relaxes the mind.

: An [[aperient]] relaxes the bowels.

: ux|en|The sea subsides.  The [[tumults]] of war will subside.  The fever has subsided.

*: Long after his cigar burnt bitter, he sat with eyes fixed on the blaze. When the flames at last began to flicker and subside, his lids fluttered, then drooped?; but he had lost all reckoning of time when he opened them again to find Miss Erroll in furs and ball-gown kneeling on the hearth and heaping kindling on the coals,nb....

: Im going to stay home Saturday and take it easy.

: Take it easy. Its just a game.

: Im going home now. Take it easy.

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