reivata englanniksi   rave fi, reef fi


*: Maybe I wear baggies / And white socks with flip-flops / Maybe I dont like listening to rave / And Im not on the social mountaintops

*: Have I not cause to rave and beat my breast?

*: The mingled torrent of redcoats and tartans went raving down the valley to the gorge of Killiecrankie.

*: A production without design would resemble more the ravings of a madman, than the sober efforts of genius and learning.

: He raved about her beauty.

*: The hallowed scene / Which others rave on, though they know it not.

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*: Be sure the blocks are securely mounted—they carry a fairish load when the sail is reefed.

*: If both reefing line and main halyard are led to the cockpit, even singlehanded reefing is a breeze.

*: Mains are made smaller by reefing. This can be done by rolling up the sail around the boom, or by the more traditional method of tying down a panel along the foot.

*: The reefing system for a mainsail must be designed to operate efficiently under adverse conditions and to provide proper sail shape when reefed.

*: And when the Cup came on he stirred them up ?round the barrier and he flew out of the barrier and he pulled and reefed and pulled and reefed and Lewis didn?t let him settle down until about three furlongs from home and when he did settle the horse was all out of stride and he went back through the field a fair bit.

*: Alf told me that one young white stockman, eager to impress the girls, went outside and mounted his horse, then began showing off his prowess, racing past the pub, wheeling and reefing his horse up and down the street, yackeyeing and whooping, flogging his horse with a battered old hat and always turning towards the pub to see if the girls were watching these feats of horsemanship.

*: ...head stockman would say ‘Cut one out but take him at a walk.? And if you could get that beast out without reefing your horse around, the head stockman – he?d be a pretty cluey old coot - he?s watching that horse?s ears more than what you were doing.

: Reef the paddles.

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