riidanhaluinen englanniksi   bellicose fi, cantankerous fi, belligerent fi, contentious fi


*: The core Ice Age cast—wooly mammoth Manny (Ray Romano), sabertooth tiger Diego (Denis Leary), and sloth Sid (John Leguizamo)—are set adrift, sailing the high seas on a chunk of ice until they collide with a bellicose primate (Peter Dinklage).

*: she is a cantankerous old maid fretting and snarling over the loss of her beauty.

*: The great principle on which the privileges of cantankerous folly and ill-nature found is this: that as we go on through life we grow somewhat cowardly; and if a thing be disagreeable, we just keep out of its way: sometimes by rather shabby expedients.

*: I am being cantankerous. Some days I feel so cantankerous I could take a machine-gun into the streets and shoot down the whole population of Hendon Central; I dont know why.

*: By contrast, cantankerous and churlish people are contemptuously independent of others’ opinions, not caring enough about others and their views.

*: The cantankerous are those "marked by ill humor, irritability, and determination to disagree." Websters New International Dictionary 328 (3d ed.1986).

*: All things being equal, a cantankerous person or a curmudgeon would be more secure by becoming more unpleasant.

*: Nina was thrilled, muttering her cantankerous joy that I was getting out of the house.

*: The cantankerous landlord always grumbled when asked to fix something.

*: Unfortunately, as Great-Aunt Bert could be a bit cantankerous, they were having to be creativeNote: Cantankerous is generally used to describe an unpleasant elderly person in a slightly pejorative manner. However, the term can be used to people in general, livestock, and machinery as well.

: The U.N. sent a treaty proposal to the belligerents.

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