rikki englanniksi   fucked fi, fucked up fi, sulfur fi, broken fi, inactive fi, dead fi, out of order fi


: I cant repair your computer, its fucked, mate.

: Hes lost his map in the middle of a desert! Hes fucked.

: Man, I was mixing all sorts of drinks, and by the end of the night I was so fucked!

: Ill be awake all night finishing all the work I had to bring home. That is so fucked!

: Im so fucked – I didnt get home until 5am.

: ux|en|I can’t be fucked to look it up.

: I fucked up my car last night.

: I haven’t been able to get online ’cause my computers all fucked up.

: My back’s all fucked up from football.

: Dude, that’s fucked up; you shouldn’t steal from kids.

: That new policys [[fucked up]], man; how many more freedoms can we lose?

: Ever since she left me, I’ve been all fucked up.

: Let’s go get fucked up after work.

: color panel|CCCB32

: My arm is broken!

: the ground was littered with broken bones

: A dog bit my leg and now the skin is broken.

*: Then the circle would lie down again, and here and there a wolf would resume its broken nap.

: Tomorrow: broken skies.

: broken promises of neutrality, broken vows, the broken covenant

: I think my doorbell is broken.

: This is the most broken application Ive seen in a long time.

: Oh man! That is just broken!

: The bankruptcy and divorce, together with the death of his son, left him completely broken.

: rfquote-sense|en

*: All that day they rode into broken land. The prairie with its grass and rolling hills was behind them, and they entered a sparse, dry, rocky country, full of draws and short cañons and ominous buttresses.

: The volcano is inactive, but is only dormant.

: The photocopier is inactive pending repair.

: Admiral Jones is now on the inactive list.

: Aluminium is inactive towards water.

: Synthetic glycine is optically inactive as it contains equal amounts of the d- and l- form.

: ux|en|All of my grandparents are dead.

: ux|en|He is dead to me.

: I will think of you as dead, until my husband makes you that way. Then I will think of you no longer. - Mary, [[w:Rob Roy (1995 film)|Rob Roy]]

: ux|en|She stood with dead face and limp arms, unresponsive to my plea.

: ux|en|the dead load on the floor

: ux|en|a dead lift.

: ux|en|dead air

: ux|en|a dead glass of soda.

: ux|en|dead time

: ux|en|dead fields

: ux|en|OK, the circuits dead. Go ahead and cut the wire.

: ux|en|Now that the motors dead you can reach in and extract the spark plugs.

: ux|en|That monitor is dead; don’t bother hooking it up.

: ux|en|There are several dead laws still on the books regulating where horses may be hitched.

: ux|en|Is this beer glass dead?

: ux|en|Once the ball crosses the foul line, its dead.

: ux|en|dead stop

: ux|en|dead sleep

: ux|en|dead giveaway

: ux|en|dead silence

: ux|en|dead center

: ux|en|dead aim

: ux|en|a dead eye

: ux|en|a dead level

: After sitting on my hands for a while, my arms became dead.

: ux|en|"You come back here this instant! Oh, when I get my hands on you, youre dead, mister!"

: ux|en|a dead floor

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

: ux|en|A person who is banished or who becomes a monk is civilly dead.

: ux|en|the dead spindle of a lathe

: dead right; dead level; dead flat; dead straight; dead left

: He hit the target dead in the centre.

: dead wrong; dead set; dead serious; dead drunk; dead broke; dead earnest; dead certain; dead slow; dead sure; dead simple; dead honest; dead accurate; dead easy; dead scared; dead solid; dead black; dead white; dead empty;

: dead tired; dead quiet; dead asleep; dead pale; dead cold; dead still

*: I was tired of reading, and dead sleepy.

: The dead of night. The dead of winter.

: Have respect for the dead.

*: "I do not frustrate the grace of God: for if righteousness come by the law, then Christ is dead [????????] in vain." Galatians 2:21, King James Version (1611).

*: “What a man should do, when finds his natural impotency dead him in spiritual works”

*: Heavens stern decree, / With many an ill, hath numbed and deaded me.

*: This dude at the club was trying to kill us so I deaded him, and then I had to collect from Spice.

*: “What, you was just gonna dead him because if thats the case then why the fuck we getting the money?” Sha asked annoyed.

: The lift is always out of order.

: I suppose my remarks about his wife were out of order.

: Youve got my index cards out of order again.

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