riutunut englanniksi   wan, haggard


*: Sad to view, his visage pale and wan.

*: the wan moon overhead

: A wan expression

*: Tinged with wan from lack of sleep.

*: The young wans, despite a couple of babies, were more or less the same, pinched, flat-chested and drawn.

*: Then I&

*: ... and they&

*: Staring his eyes, and haggard was his look.

: Pale and haggard faces.

: A gradual descent into a haggard and feeble state.

: The years of hardship made her look somewhat haggard.

: a haggard or refractory hawk

: "He tuk a slew [swerve] round the haggard" [http://www.isle-of-man.com/manxnotebook/fulltext/am1924/pt_s.htm]

: A "haggard" is a bird captured as an adult and therefore of unknown age; often, the law prohibits capturing birds of mating age. [http://www.falconrypro.com/falconry-terms.html Falconry Pro]

*: No, truly, Ursula, she is too [[disdainful]];

*: I know her spirits are as coy and wild

*: As haggards of the rock.

*: I have loved this proud disdainful haggard.

: rfquotek|Garth

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