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: The girl wore a red skirt.

*: Your colour, I warrant you, is as red as any rose.

: Her hair had red highlights.

: a red state

: a red Congress

: a red advertisement

: the red-black grand coalition

: color panel|F00000

*: The big market, these days, is in Downers. Reds and smack—Seconal and heroin—and a hellbroth of bad domestic grass sprayed with everything from arsenic to horse tranquillizers.

: The circus strong man proved his [[strength]] by bending an iron rod, and then straightening it.

: When I hooked a snake and not a fish, I got so scared I dropped my rod in the water.

*: So was I brought up: they tell mee, that in all my youth, I never felt rod transterm|verges|lang=frm but twice, and that very lightly.

: The judge imposed on the thief a sentence of fifteen strokes with the rod.

: I notched a rod and used it to measure the length of rope to cut.

*: ‘And this thicket, so full of a natural art, was in the immediate vicinity, within a few rods, of the dwelling of Madame Deluc, whose boys were in the habit of closely examining the shrubberies about them in search of the bark of the sassafras.’

*: In one of the villages I saw the next summer a cow tethered by a rope six rods longnb....

*: A few rods farther led him past the old black Presbyterian church, with its square tower, embowered in a stately grove; past the Catholic church, with its many crosses, and a painted wooden figure of St. James in a recess beneath the gable; and past the old Jefferson House, once the leading hotel of the town, in front of which political meetings had been held, and political speeches made, and political hard cider drunk, in the days of "Tippecanoe and Tyler too."

: The house had a small yard of about six rods in size.

: The engine threw a rod, and then went to pieces before our eyes, springs and coils shooting in all directions.

: The rods are more sensitive than the cones, but do not discern color.

: He applied a gram positive stain, looking for rods indicative of Listeria.

*: These cylindrical rods fly through the air at incredible speeds and can only be picked up by high-speed cameras.

*: During one such broadcast in 1997, the esteemed radio host bellowed, “I got a fax earlier today from MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) in Arizona and they said what you think are rods are actually insects!”

*: He tells of a home video showing a rod flying into the open mouth of a girl singing at a wedding.

*: On impulse he moved around to the opposite side of the couple, in the direction which Graces broad buttocks were pointed, for a full view of the big boned womans back side. Now Grace wouldnt mind one iota if he rodded her from the rear.[[Category:en:Measuring instruments]][[Category:en:Ufology]][[Category:en:Units of measure]]----

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