romuttaa englanniksi   crash fi, junk fi, scrap fi, wreck fi, debunk fi, scupper fi


: She broke two bones in her body in a car crash.

: Nobody survived the plane crash

: My computer had a crash so I had to reboot it.

: The piece ended in a crescendo, building up to a crash of cymbals.

: the stock market crash

*: One of my favorites among the terms of groups of creatures is a crash of rhinoceros. I can imagine an African guide saying to his client, “Shoot, dammit, shoot! Here comes the whole bloody crash of rhinoceros!”

*: […] Personally, I think I’d just as soon come across a crash of rhinoceros as a knot of toad.

*: The largest group of black rhinos reported was made up of 13 individuals. A group of rhinos is called a crash.

*: Out in the water a crash of rhinoceros-like animals browse belly deep through a bed of aquatic plants.

*: The crash of rhinoceros at Tsavo now numbers almost 200.

: [[crash course]]

: crash diet

: Im sorry for crashing the bike into a wall. Ill pay for repairs.

: We werent invited to the party so we decided to crash it.

: Hey [[dude]], can I crash at your [[pad]]?

: If the system crashes again, well have it fixed in the computer shop.

: Double-clicking this icon crashes the desktop.

*: Trace a line of goose pimples up the thin young arm. Slide the needle in and push the bulb watching the junk hit him all over. Move right in with the shit and suck junk through all the hungry young cells.

*: Im talking about everybody getting crunk, crunk

*: Boys tryin to touch my junk, junk

*: Gonna smack him if he getting too drunk, drunk

: rfquotek|Lowell

: (On Facebook, a record collector wrote:) "The newest addition to my Annette Hanshaw collection, I junked this beautiful flawless E-copy within walking distance from my house."

*: I have no materials — not a scrap.

: I found a scrap of cloth to patch the hole.

: Give the scraps to the dogs and watch them fight.

: That car isnt good for anything but scrap.

: pork scraps

: We got in a little scrap over who should pay the bill.

: He was an emotional wreck after the death of his wife.

*: To the fair haven of my native home, / The wreck of what I was, fatigued I come.

*: the wreck of matter and the crush of worlds

*: Hard and obstinate / As is a rock amidst the raging floods, / Gainst which a ship, of succour desolate, / Doth suffer wreck, both of herself and goods.

*: Its intellectual life was thus able to go on amidst the wreck of its political life.

: rfquotek|Bouvier

: He wrecked the car in a collision.

: That adulterous hussy wrecked my marriage!

*: Supposing that they saw the kings ship wrecked.

*: Weak and envied, if they should conspire, / They wreck themselves.

: Sailing round the world debunked the theory that the earth was flat.

: Debunking the myth of the American West.

: That bullshit has already been debunked.

: A myth that has long been debunked.

: The explosion story was thoroughly debunked on National Public Radio in November 1999.

: The bad media coverage scuppered his chances of being elected.

*: "We cant allow US tantrums to scupper global justice."

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