roska englanniksi   cruft fi, malarkey fi, crap fi, trash fi, junk fi, litter fi, garbage fi, rubbish fi, tripe fi, hooey fi


: I decided it was a bunch of malarkey and stopped reading about halfway through.

: The long-running game show went from offering good prizes to crap in no time.

: The college student boasted of completing a 10,000-word essay on Shakespeare, but the professor judged it as utter crap.

: I have to take a crap.

: What is that? Its just a bunch of crap.

: I drove an old crap car for ten years before buying a new one.

: Oh crap! The other drivers going to hit my car!

: Crap! I lost the game.

: What the crap?!

: Aw, crap, I have to start over again from the beginning of the level.

*: A haunch of venison would be trash to a Brahmin.

: rfquotek|Markham

*: Fatcat also fails to warn you that unformatting will trash any files copied to the unintentionally formatted disk.

: The burglars trashed the house.

: to trash the rattoons of sugar cane

: rfquotek|B. Edwards

: rfquotek|Beaumont and Fletcher

*: Trace a line of goose pimples up the thin young arm. Slide the needle in and push the bulb watching the junk hit him all over. Move right in with the shit and suck junk through all the hungry young cells.

*: Im talking about everybody getting crunk, crunk

*: Boys tryin to touch my junk, junk

*: Gonna smack him if he getting too drunk, drunk

: rfquotek|Lowell

: (On Facebook, a record collector wrote:) "The newest addition to my Annette Hanshaw collection, I junked this beautiful flawless E-copy within walking distance from my house."

*: There is a litter ready; lay him in t.

*: A wolf came to a sow, and very kindly offered to take care of her litter.

*: Strephon ... / Stole in, and took a strict survey / Of all the litter as it lay.

*: Take off the litter from your kernel beds.

*: the room with volumes littered round

*: We might conceive that dogs were created blind, because we observe they were littered so with us.

*: The son that she did litter here, / A freckled whelp hagborn.

*: A desert ... where the she-wolf still littered.

*: Tell them how they litter their jades.

*: For his ease, well littered was the floor.

*: The inn where he and his horse littered.

: Garbage is collected on Tuesdays; rubbish on Fridays

: The garbage truck collects all residential municipal waste.

: He threw the newspaper into the garbage.

*: Forget about that garbage advice to “act natural”.

*: I have bought at Boston a dozen Pidgeons ready pulled and garbidged for three pence.

: This has been a rubbish day, and its about to get worse: my [[mother-in-law]] is coming to stay.

: The one day I actually practice my violin, the teacher cancels the lesson.

: Aw, rubbish! Though at least this means you have time to play football...

: Rubbish! I did nothing of the sort!

: The rubbish is collected every Thursday in Gloucester, but on Wednesdays in Cheltenham.

: Everything the teacher said during that lesson was rubbish. How can she possibly think that a [[bass viol]] and a [[cello]] are the same thing?

*: He saw the towns one half in rubbish lie.

: I heard his speech. It sounded like a whole lot of hooey to me.

*: For many doctors, meditation resides in the realm of New Age hooey—okay for Indian yogis and students of Eastern religion, but not suitable for scientific study.

*: Unburdened by the prospect of another campaign, Inglis, in this final hearing, spared no scorn for climate change deniers in his own party and beyond, suggesting that they continue to ignore global warming at their own peril. "I would also suggest to my free enterprise colleagues—especially conservatives here—whether you think it’s all a bunch of hooey, what weve talked about in this committee, the Chinese don’t," the South Carolina Republican said in his opening remarks. "And they plan on eating our lunch in this next century."

*: Sheldon Cooper: I did, but I think Ive kind of outgrown Star Trek. You know, stock characters, ludicrous plots, beam me up. What a load of hooey.

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