sätky englanniksi   jump fi, flirt fi, twitch fi


: The boy jumped over a fence.

: Kangaroos are known for their ability to jump high.

*: Not the worst of the three but jumps twelve foot and a half by the square.

: She is going to jump from the diving board.

: to jump a stream

: The sudden sharp sound made me jump.

: The players knight jumped the opponents bishop.

: I hate it when people jump the queue.

: The hoodlum jumped a woman in the alley.

: The hoodlum jumped a woman in the alley.

: The rider jumped the horse over the fence.

*: to jump a body with a dangerous physic

*: It jumps with my humour.

*: To advance by jumps.

*: Our fortune lies / Upon this jump.

: The boy took a skip and a jump down the lane.

: There were a couple of jumps from the bridge.

: She was terrified before the jump, but was thrilled to be skydiving.

: the knights jump in chess

: Press jump to start.

: Heartless managed the scale the first jump but fell over the second.

: He got a jump on the day because he had laid out everything the night before.

: Their research department gave them the jump on the competition.

*: Thus twice before, and jump at this dead hour,

*: With martial stalk hath he gone by our watch.

*: jump names

*: Several little flirts and vibrations.

*: With many a flirt and flutter.

*: Oooh, dont. Lilly staggered behind the counter. Hangover from hell. We had a good time, I think. Hes such a flirt though. He really fancied Midnight. Was sooo gutted that she was actually a straight man. Think it almost turned him celibate.

*: Several young flirts about town had a design to cast us out of the fashionable world.

: They flirt water in each others faces.

: to flirt a glove, or a handkerchief

*: I am ashamed; I am scorned; I am flirted.

*: Asinius Pollionb..., having written many invectives against Plancus, staid untill he were dead to publish them. It was rather to flurt at a blind man, and raile in a dead mans eare, and to offend a senselesse man, than incurre the danger of his revenge.

*: Her skirt flirted around her knees like a flower petal.

*: Chatterer flirted his tale in the saucy way he has, and his eyes twinkled.

*: Dr Hutchinson, who told jurors that he had been married for 37 years and that his son was a policeman, said he enjoyed flirting with the woman, was flattered by her attention and was anticipating patting her bottom again—but had no intention of seducing her.

*: Ive thrown away my reputation, self-respect, money, health and happiness through the use of drugs and alcohol; I can teach her how fragile a reputation is, how a fool and their money are soon parted, and how dangerous it is to flirt with drugs.

*: The various episodes of thinkers flirting with the idea of an infinite universe, starting with early Greek speculations and running through Cusa in the Renaissance, came to fruition as a central element in the Scientific Revolution.

: I saw a little twitch in the mans face, and knew he was lying.

: rfquotek|J. H. Walsh

*: "Why is it that you twitch whenever I say Faith?"

*: Their feet padded softly on the ground, and they crept quite close to him, twitching their noses...

: to twitch somebodys sleeve for attention

*: Thrice they twitched the diamond in her ear.

*: "The Birdwatchers Handbook ... will be a clear asset to those who twitch in Europe."

*: "But the key revelation from twitching that wonderful Iceland Gull on 10 March 1974 wasnt its eroticism. It was the sheer innocence of it."

*: "I hadnt seen John since I went to Adelaide to (unsuccessfully) twitch the 87 Northern Shoveler, when I was a skinny, eighteen- year-old kid. "

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