saamaton englanniksi   indolent fi, backward fi, supine fi, torpid fi, ineffectual fi


: The indolent girl resisted doing her homework.

: They left without a backward glance.

: The occasional backward movement of planets is evidence they revolve around the sun.

*: Then her eyes, always alert for the affairs of her kitchen, fell on some action of the Chinese cook which aroused her violent disapproval. She turned on him with a torrent of abuse. The Chink was not backward to defend himself, and a very lively quarrel ensued.

*: For wiser brutes were backward to be slaves.

: a backward child

: a backward season

*: "... Ive a job of work to finish tonight; mourning, as must be in time for the funeral to-morrow; and grandfather has been out moss- hunting, and will not be home till late."
"Oh, how charming it will be! Ill help you if youre backward. Have you much to do?"

*: and flies unconscious oer each backward year

: to walk or ride backward; to throw the arms backward

*: some reigns backward

: rfquotek|Sir J. Davies

*: The work went backward.

*: In the dark backward and abysm of time.

*: If the vine / On rising ground be placed, or hills supine.

*: He became pusillanimous and supine, and openly exposed to any temptation.

*: Nothing, therefore, can be more contrary than such a philosophy to the supine indolence of the mind.rfex

: After several ineffectual and abortive leaps, we were forced to lift him over the obstacle.

: Our group leader proved highly ineffectual, caving to every whim put forth by the other members.

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