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: a rainbow of possibilities

: Many electoral promises are rainbows, vanishing soon after poll day.

*: Finally, by actual trial, I have found that I can catch more rainbow by using one fly than with a two or three-fly cast.

*: That Asian-American actor Thomas Ikeda contributes a pleasingly frantic Panthino would not be considered rainbow enough.

*: He went along with them because the Pack was a rainbow group — two Italian-Americans, a black man, a Jew (Bishop), and a sometime Englishman (Lawford) — and they were making a point.

*: The 1999 June elections led to a surprise change in the governing coalition from the long-term ruling Christian Democrats to a rainbow group of Greens, Liberals, and Socialists.

*: ... it seemed to me to be naive indeed for the Liberal Democrats to believe that they could simply enter into a rainbow alliance against the Labour Government.

*: Mayawati has succeeded in building a social coalition that inverts the pyramid of caste/class hierarchy by building a rainbow alliance of social groups, now dominated by that greatest underclass of all, namely Dalits.

*: Similarly, the question of who belongs in such a rainbow alliance isnt set. It can include gay men, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender individuals. It can include people who are questioning which culture they belong to [...]

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