satu englanniksi   fable, tale, fairy tale


*: Old wives fables.

*: We grew / The fable of the city where we dwelt.

*: It would look like a fable to report that this gentleman gives away a great fortune by secret methods.

*: The moral is the first business of the poet; this being formed, he contrives such a design or fable as may be most suitable to the moral.

*: He Fables not.

*: Vain now the tales which fabling poets tell.

*: He fables, yet speaks truth.

*: The hell thou fablest.

*: Both number twice a day the milky dams; And once she takes the tale of all the lambs.

: ux|en|Dont tell tales!

: ux|en|the Canterbury Tales

*: the ignorant, ... who measure by tale, and not by weight

*: And every shepherd tells his tale, / Under the hawthorn in the dale.

*: In packing, they keep a just tale of the number.

*: They proceeded with some rigour, these Custodiars; took written inventories, clapt-on seals, exacted everywhere strict tale and measure

: Hes telling us another fairy tale about how great the software will be.

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