selbst englanniksi   on one's own de, not even de, alone de, self de, oneself de


: A seven-year-old can get dressed on his own, but it might take a long time.

: I love cheese on toast, but I wont eat cheese on its own.

*: Dont you see / That now youve gone, / And Im left here on my own, / I will have to follow you / And beg you to come home.

*: Private operators, for the most part have done an admirable job of keeping these aging aircraft flying, but FAA has essentially said, “It’s public-use aircraft. You’re on your own.”

*: They may adamantly reject help and insist that they can manage on their own.

: Not even I knew that.

: You didnt even look at me.

: I heard they wanted to cancel the show tonight.

: Not even!

: ux|en|I cant ask for help because I am alone.

*: It is not good that the man should be alone.

*: Alone on a wide, wide sea.

: ux|en|Jones alone could do it.

*: God, by whose alone power and conversation we all live, and move, and have our being.

*: “[…] it is not fair of you to bring against mankind double weapons ! Dangerous enough you are as woman alone, without bringing to your aid those gifts of mind suited to problems which men have been accustomed to arrogate to themselves.”

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

: ux|en|She walked home alone.

: ux|en|The job was to hard for me to do alone.

: ux|en|The responsibility is theirs alone.

: Clear out those rocks. The surface must be even.

: Despite her fear, she spoke in an even voice.

: The distribution of food must be even.

: Four, fourteen and forty are even numbers.

*: Coles. How many shares have you bought, Mr. Garfinkle?

*: Garfinkle. One hundred and ninety-six thousand....

*: Jorgenson. ... Howd you figure out to buy such an odd amount? Why not two hundred thousand — nice even number. Thought you liked nice even numbers.

*: He put me on the scale in my underwear and socks: 82 pounds.... I left, humming all day long, remembering that once upon a time my ideal weight had been 84, and now Id even beaten that. I decided 80 was a better number, a nice even number to be.

: You biffed me back at the barn, and I biffed you here—so now were even.

*: And shall lay thee even with the ground.

*: I know my life so even.

*: His even servant.

: We need to even this playing field; the west goal is too low.

*: His temple Xerxes evened with the soil.

*: It will even all inequalities.

*: to even him in valour

: rfquotek|R. Carew

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

: ux|en|I fulfilled my instructions even as I had promised.  nowrap|You are leaving tonight? — Even so.nowrap|This is my commandment, that ye love one another, even as I have loved you.

: ux|en|Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn sometimes.  nowrap|Did you even make it through the front door?nowrap|That was before I was even born.

*: Carried somehow, somewhither, for some reason, on these surging floods, were these travelers,nb.... Even such a boat as the Mount Vernon offered a total deck space so cramped as to leave secrecy or privacy well out of the question, even had the motley and democratic assemblage of passengers been disposed to accord either.

: ux|en|I was strong before; but now I am even stronger.

: ux|en|My favorite actor is Jack Nicklaus. Jack Nicholson, even.

*: When the even was come they brought unto him many that were possessed with devylles [...].

: This argument was put forward by the defendant self.

: I made out a cheque, payable to self, which cheered me up somewhat.

*: Thanks to that penny he had just spent so recklessly [on a newspaper] he would pass a happy hour, taken, for once, out of his anxious, despondent, miserable self. It irritated him shrewdly to know that these moments of respite from carking care would not be shared with his poor wife, with careworn, troubled Ellen.

*: The self, the I, is recognized in every act of intelligence as the subject to which that act belongs. It is I that perceive, I that imagine, I that remember, I that attend, I that compare, I that feel, I that will, I that am conscious.

: a self bow: one made from a single piece of wood

: a self flower or plant: one which is wholly of one colour

*: I am made of that self mettle as my sister.

*: on these self hills

*: At that self moment enters Palamon.

: One can teach oneself to do this.

: Teaching oneself to swim can be dangerous.

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