selvittää englanniksi   ascertain, get to the bottom of, sort out, manifest, research, solve, resolve, define, sober, figure out, report, clear, investigate


: As soon as we ascertain what the situation is, we can plan how to proceed.

: I dont know whats going on here, but Ill get to the bottom of it sooner or later.

: Its a bit confused at the moment, Ill try to sort it out later.

: Could you call Dave and sort out a meeting for tomorrow?

: The computer wont let me delete that file; could you sort it out?

: Could you sort out your wardrobe and put the clothes you no longer use in one pile to give away and another to throw away?

: We need to sort out the problems we can solve from the ones we cant.

: Theyve already sorted out the students in group A, so we just need to worry about groups B and C.

: If you do that again, Ill soon sort you out.

: - Hey man, I want some weed.
- Ill sort you out, mate.

: We really need to sort Chris out with a girlfriend.

*: Neither is there any creature that is not manifest in his sight.

*: Calistho there stood manifest of shame.

: His courage manifested itself via the look on his face.

*: Not I; I must be found;

*: My parts, my title, and my perfect soul

*: Shall manifest me rightly.

*: The dearest interests of parties have frequently been staked on the results of the researches of antiquaries.

*: The first step I took in this so necessary a research, was to examine the motives, the justice, the necessity and expediency of the revolution...

*: True piety would effectually solve such scruples.

*: God shall solve the dark decrees of fate.

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

: to resolve a riddle

*: Resolve my doubt.

: ux|en|I’ll have to resolve the equation with the new values.

: ux|en|I resolve to finish this work before I go home.

: He was resolved by an unexpected event.

: ux|en|After two weeks of [[bicker]]ing, they finally resolved their differences.

*: O, that this too too solid flesh would melt, / Thaw, and resolve itself into a dew!

*: Ye immortal souls, who once were men, / And now resolved to elements again.

*: Resolve me, Reason, which of these is worse, / Want with a full, or with an empty purse?

*: In health, good air, pleasure, riches, I am resolved it can not be equalled by any region.

*: We must be resolved how the law can be pure and perspicuous, and yet throw a polluted skirt over these Eleusinian mysteries.

*: When the blood stagnates in any part, it first coagulates, then resolves, and turns alkaline.

: rfquotek|Ben Jonson

: It took all my resolve to go through with it.

*: Rings...very distinct and well defined.

: ux|en|the defining power of an optical instrument

*: These warlike Champions, all in armour shine, / Assembled were in field the chalenge to define.

: ux|en|I define myself as a techno-anarchist.

: ux|en|The textbook defined speed as velocity divided by time.

: ux|en|to define the legal boundaries of a property

*: From the computer programming perspective, Java looks like C and C++ while discarding the overwhelming complexities of those languages, such as typedefs, defines, preprocessor, unions, pointers, and multiple inheritance.

*: Anyone who has attempted to do OO programming in a conventional language using defines will find out that it is impossible to realize the benefits easily, if at all, without compiler support.

*: a godly, righteous, and sober life, to the glory of Thy holy name

*: No sober man would put himself into danger for the applause of escaping without breaking his neck.

*: Which is the finest and soberest state possible.

*: Twilight grey / Had in her sober livery all things clad.

*: What parts gay France from sober Spain?

*: See her sober over a sampler, or gay over a jointed baby.

*: There shallow draughts intoxicate the brain, / And drinking largely sobers us again.

: It took him hours to sober up.

: As soon as I figure out what is wrong with my car, I will fix it.

: Wed already figured out that the trip would cost $1,000.

*: thenne they ansuerd by and by that they coude not excuse the quene /.../ Allas sayd the quene I made this dyner for a good entente / and neuer for none euyl soo almyghty god me help in my ryght as I was neuer purposed to doo suche euylle dedes / and that I reporte me vnto god

: ux|en|For insurance reasons, I had to report the theft to the local police station.

: ux|en|If you do that again Ill report you to the boss.

: ux|en|Andrew Marr reports now on more in-fighting at Westminster.

: ux|en|Every newspaper reported the war.

: ux|en|The financial director reports to the CEO.

: ux|en|The committee reported the bill with amendments, or reported a new bill, or reported the results of an inquiry.

*: Baldwin, his son,...succeeded his father; so like unto him that we report the reader to the character of King Almeric, and will spare the repeating his description.

*: a church with windows only form above, that reporteth the voice thirteen times

: A report by the telecommunications ministry on the phone network revealed a severe capacity problem.

*: While their masters, the mates, seemed afraid of the sound of the hinges of their own jaws, the harpooneers chewed their food with such a relish that there was a report to it.

*: ...a pistol-shot, flash and report, came from the hedge-side.

: ux|en|as clear as crystal

: ux|en|The windshield was clear and clean.

: ux|en|Congress passed the President’s Clear Skies legislation.

: ux|en|The driver had mistakenly thought the intersection was clear.

: ux|en|The coast is clear.

: ux|en|clear weather;  a clear day

*: Serene, smiling, enigmatic, she faced him with no fear whatever showing in her dark eyes. The clear light of the bright autumn morning had no terrors for youth and health like hers.

: ux|en|He gave clear instructions not to bother him at work.

: ux|en|Do I make myself clear? Crystal clear.

: ux|en|Im still not quite clear on what some of these words mean.

: ux|en|a clear conscience

*: Statesman, yet friend to truth! in soul sincere, / In action faithful, and in honour clear.

: ux|en|clear of texture;   clear of odor

: ux|en|a clear intellect;  a clear head

*: Mother of science! now I feel thy power / Within me clear, not only to discern / Things in their causes, but to trace the ways / Of highest agents.

*: With a countenance as clear / As friendship wears at feasts.

*: Hark! the numbers soft and clear / Gently steal upon the ear.

: ux|en|clear sand

: ux|en|a clear complexion;  clear lumber

: ux|en|a clear profit

*: I often wished that I had clear, / For life, six hundred pounds a year.

: I threw it clear across the river to the other side.

: Stand clear of the rails, a train is coming.

*: Now clear I understand.

*: Faith, Dick, I mu?t confe?s, ?tis true // (But this is only Entre Nous) // That many knotty Points there are, // Which All di?cu?s, but Few can clear.

*: A statue lies hid in a block of marble; and the art of the statuary only clears away the superfluous matter.

: ux|en|When the road cleared we continued our journey.

*: “A tight little craft,” was Austin’s invariable comment on the matron; and she looked it, always trim and trig and smooth of surface like a converted yacht cleared for action. ¶ Near her wandered her husband, orientally bland, invariably affable,nb....

: ux|en|The court cleared the man of murder.

*: sure he will clear me from partiality.

*: Wouldst thou clear rebellion?

: ux|en|The door just barely clears the table as it closes.  nowrap|The leaping horse easily cleared the hurdles.

: ux|en|After a heavy rain, the sky cleared nicely for the evening.

: ux|en|The check might not clear for a couple of days.

: ux|en|Hes been clearing seven thousand a week.

*: the profit which she cleared on the cargo

*: Be?ides, he that cleares at once will relap?e: for finding him?elfe out of ?traights, he will reuert to his cu?tomes. But hee that cleareth by degrees, induceth an habite of frugality, and gaineth as well vpon his minde, as vpon his E?tate.

: ux|en|The steamer cleared for Liverpool today.

: ux|en|to clear an array;  nowrap|to clear a single bit (binary digit) in a value

: a room ten feet square in the clear

: to investigate the causes of natural phenomena

: to investigate an unsolved murder

*: "Why dont you investigate?" he demanded. And investigate I did.

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