side englanniksi   dressing fi, bandage fi, ligature fi, side en, alliance fi, patch fi, brace fi, girdle fi, swathe fi, bond fi, strapping fi, restraint fi


*: Considered thus, the performance is a translation into images of bodies on display, as is well demonstrated by Monsieur Jourdains repeated dressings and undressings.

: rfquotek|Ben Jonson

*: ...he was deadly pale, and the blood-stained bandage round his head told that he had recently been wounded, and still more recently dressed.

*: ...the president informed him that one of the conditions of his introduction was that he should be eternally ignorant of the place of meeting, and that he would allow his eyes to be bandaged, swearing that he would not endeavor to take off the bandage.

*: ...they ate...whilst they chatted, disputed and laughed. The door to the surgeons room stood open, meantime, but the cutting, sewing, splicing, and bandaging going on in there in plain view did not seem to disturb anyones appetite.

: the ligature of a joint

: ux|en|A square has four sides.

: ux|en|A cube has six sides.

: ux|en|Which side of the tray shall I put it on?  nowrap|The patient was bleeding on the right side.

: ux|en|Meet me on the north side of the monument.

*: Orion hit a rabbit once; but though sore wounded it got to the bury, and, struggling in, the arrow caught the side of the hole and was drawn out. Indeed, a nail filed sharp is not of much avail as an arrowhead; you must have it barbed, and that was a little beyond our skill.

: ux|en|John wrote 15 sides for his essay!

: ux|en|Look on the bright side.

: ux|en|Which side has kick-off?

*: Initially, the English, Welsh, Scots and Irish unions refused to send national sides, preferring instead to send touring sides like the Barbarians, the Penguins, the Co-Optimists, the Wolfhounds, Crawshays Welsh, and the Public School Wanderers.

: ux|en|In the second world war, the Italians were on the side of the Germans.

*: We have not always been of the...same side in politics.

*: sets the passions on the side of truth

: ux|en|He had to put a bit of side on to hit the pink ball.

: ux|en|I just want to see whats on the other side — James said there was a good film on tonight.

: ux|en|Do you want a side of cole-slaw with that?

*: To sit upon thy father Davids throne, / By mothers side thy father.

: Which will you side with, good or evil?

*: All rising to great place is by a winding star; and if there be factions, it is good to side a mans self, whilst he is in the rising, and to balance himself when he is placed.

*: All side in parties, and begin the attack.

*: How does it feel... to... side in with those who voted against you in 1947?

: rfquotek|Francis Bacon

*: His blind eye that sided Paridell.

: rfquotek|Clarendon

: to side a house

*: One mighty squadron with a side wind sped.

: a side issue; a side view or remark

*: The law hath no side respect to their persons.

*: His gown had side sleeves down to mid leg.

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

: matrimonial alliances; an alliance between church and state, or between two countries

*: the alliance of the principles of the world with those of the gospel

*: the alliance ... between logic and metaphysics

: rfquotek|Udall

: His sleeves had patches on the elbows where different fabric had been sewn on to replace material that had worn away.

: I cant afford to replace the roof, which is what it really needs. Ill have the roofer apply a patch.

: Before you can fix a dam, you have to apply a patch to the hole so that everything can dry off.
or that it is temporary because it is not meant to last long or will be removed as soon as a proper repair can be made, which will happen in the near future.

: "This patch should hold until you reach the city," the mechanic said as he patted the cars hood.

: The world economy had a rough patch in the 1930s.

: The storms last summer washed away parts of the road so we can expect some rough patches up ahead.

: To me, a normal cow is white with black patches, but Sarahs from Texas and most of the cows there have solid brown, black, or red coats.

: Doesnt that patch of clouds looks like a bunny?

: I lost my locket in this patch of grass here.

: When ice skating, be sure to stay away from reeds: there are always thin patches of ice there, and you could fall through.

: I never get first place because on [[race track|track]] eight, right after you pass the windmill, theres a patch of oil in the road that always gets me.

: Scattered patches of trees or growing corn.

*: Your black patches you wear variously.

: Many people use a nicotine patch to wean themselves off of nicotine.

: He had scratched his cornea so badly that his doctor told him to wear a patch.

*: [the control panel of hovercraft The Logos has lit up after being jumped by The Hammer]
Sparky: She lives again.
Crew member of The Hammer via radio: You want us to patch an uplink to reload the software, Sparky?
Sparky: Yeah, thatd be swell. And can you clean the windshield while youre at it?

: ux|en|Ill need to patch the preamp output to the mixer.

*: What a [[pied]] ninnys this! Thou scurvy patch!

*: The little bones of the ear drum do in straining and relaxing it as the braces of the war drum do in that.

*: the laxness of the tympanum, when it has lost its brace or tension

*: for that it stands not in such warlike brace

*: But you, my brace of lords, were I so minded,

*: I here could pluck his highness frown upon you,

*: And justify you traitors

*: He is said to have shot ... fifty brace of pheasants.

*: A brace of brethren, both bishops, both eminent for learning and religion, now appeared in the church.

: All hands, brace for impact!

: Brace yourself!

: The boy has no idea about everything thats been going on. You need to brace him for whats about to happen.

: He braced himself against the crowd.

*: A sturdy lance in his right hand he braced.

: to brace the yards

: to brace a beam in a building

: to brace the nerves

*: And welcome war to brace her drums.

*: The women of China, by bracing and binding them from their infancy, have very little feet.

*: some who spurs had first braced on

*: within the girdle of these walls

*: their breasts girded with golden girdles

*: that gems the starry girdle of the year

*: from the worlds girdle to the frozen pole

: rfquotek|Francis Bacon

: rfquotek|Knight

: rfquotek|Raymond

*: Their children are never swathed or bound about with anything when they are first born.

*: The head was swathed in linen bands that had been white, but were now stained and discoloured with damp, but of this I shall not speak more, and beneath the chin-cloth the beard had once escaped.

: Large swathes will be affected by the tax increase.

*: As well as the advantages of abused office, Mr Chávez can boast enduring popularity among a broad swathe of poorer Venezuelans. They like him for his [[charisma]], humble background and [[demotic]] speech.

: ux|en|Many say that government and corporate bonds are a good investment to balance against a portfolio consisting primarily of stocks.

: ux|en|The prisoner was brought before the tribunal in iron bonds.

: ux|en|They had grown up as friends and neighbors, and not even vastly differing political views could break the bond of their friendship.

*: a people with whom I have no tie but the common bond of mankind

*: I love your majesty / According to my bond, nor more nor less.

: ux|en|Organic chemistry primarily consists of the study of carbon bonds, in their many variations.

: You could rely on him. His word was his bond.

: ux|en|Herbert resented his wife for subjecting him to the bonds of matrimony; he claimed they had gotten married while drunk.

: ux|en|The bailiff released the prisoner as soon as the bond was posted.

: ux|en|A bond of superglue adhered the teacups to the ceiling, much to the consternation of the cafe owners.

: The gargantuan ape was bonded in iron chains and carted onto the stage.

: The children bonded their snapshots to the scrapbook pages with mucilage.

: Under unusual conditions, even gold can be made to bond with other elements.

: The contractor was bonded with a local underwriter.

: The men had bonded while serving together in Vietnam.

: A houses distribution panel should always be bonded to the grounding rods via a panel bond.

*: In the August election of 1874 I bonded out of jail eighteen colored men that had been in there, and there has not one of them been tried yet, and they never will be.

*: In jail for killing a man, Procter Lewis is placed in a cell where he is faced with a choice: he can be bonded out of jail by Roger Medlow, the owner of the plantation where he lives, or he can serve his time in the penitentiary.

*: And no, you cannot drive her down to the bank to see if her new AFDC card is activated and drop her kids off at school for her because she didnt think to get her car before he bonded out of jail.

: bond fear

: Make sure all the restraints are tight.

: Try to exercise restraint when talking to your boss.

*: City will feel nonplussed when they review the tape and Pellegrini had to summon all his restraint in the post-match interviews.

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