silmäillä englanniksi   glimpse fi, leer fi, eye fi, scan fi, skim fi, glance fi


: ux|en|I only got a glimpse of the car, so I can tell you the colour but not the registration number.

*: Here hid by shrub wood, there by glimpses seen.

*: Selwyn, sitting up rumpled and cross-legged on the floor, after having boloed Drina to everybodys exquisite satisfaction, looked around at the sudden rustle of skirts to catch a glimpse of a vanishing figure—a glimmer of ruddy hair and the white curve of a youthful face, half-buried in a muff.

*: Light as the lightning glimpse they ran.

: I have only begun to glimpse the magnitude of the problem.

: rfquotek|Drayton

*: To gild a face with smiles; and leer a man to ruin.

: rfquotek|Holinshed

*: A loueli ladi of lere · in lynnen yclothed / Come down fram a castel.

*: a Rosalind of a better leer than you

: a leer stomach

: rfquotek|Gifford

: a leer horse

: rfquotek|Ben Jonson

: leer words

: Bright lights really hurt my eyes.

: ux|en|The car was quite pleasing to the eye, but impractical.

: ux|en|That dress caught her eye.

: ux|en|He has an eye for talent.

: ux|en|She was giving him the eye at the bar.   When the car cut her off, she gave him the eye.

*: Far more annoying were the letters from parents of missing daughters and the private detectives who had begun showing up at his door. Independently of each other, the Cigrand and Conner families had hired “eyes” to search for their missing daughters.

*: the very eye of that proverb

*: Athens, the eye of Greece, mother of arts

*: Red with an eye of blue makes a purple.

: After eyeing the document for an hour she decided not to sign it.

: They went out and eyed the new car one last time before deciding.

*: Each downcast monk in silence takes / His place a newmade grave around, / Each one his brother sadly eying.

*: My becomings kill me, when they do not eye well to you.

: an eye of pheasants

: He scanned the horizon.

: The operators vacated the room during the scan.

: The doctors looked at the scans and made a diagnosis.

*: Not so when swift Camilla scours the plain, / Flies oer the unbending corn, and skims along the main.

*: Homer describes Mercury as flinging himself from the top of Olympus, and skimming the surface of the ocean.

*: They skim over a science in a very superficial survey.

: I skimmed the newspaper over breakfast.

: to skim milk; to skim broth

: to skim cream

: She glanced at her reflection as she passed the mirror.

*: The poets eye, in a fine frenzy rolling, / Doth glance from heaven to earth, from earth to heaven.

: The spring sunlight was glancing on the water of the pond.

*: From art, from nature, from the schools, / Let random influences glance, / Like light in many a shivered lance, / That breaks about the dappled pools.

*: And all along the forum and up the sacred seat, / His vulture eye pursued the trip of those small glancing feet.

*: Your arrow hath glanced.

*: On me the curse aslope / Glanced on the ground.

*: Wherein obscurely / Caesars ambition shall be glanced at.

*: He glanced at a certain reverend doctor.

*: Dart not scornful glances from those eyes.

*: Warwick left the undertakers shop and retraced his steps until he had passed the lawyers office, toward which he threw an affectionate glance.

*: swift as the lightning glance

*: How fleet is a glance of the mind.

: ux|en|copper glance

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