silmänräpäys englanniksi   moment fi, snap fi, wink fi, heartbeat fi, blink fi


: ux|en|Wait a moment, while I lock the front door.

*: In deep designs, in matter of great moment, / No less importing than our general good.

*: The document in question is of such immense importance that its publication might very easily – I might almost say probably – lead to European complications of the utmost moment.

: a ginger snap

: Itll be a snap to get that finished.

: I can fix most vacuum cleaners in a snap.

*: When I went to put my coat on at snap time, what should go runnin up my arm but a mouse.

: rfquotek|LEstrange

*: Hes a nimble fellow, / And alike skilled in every liberal science, / As having certain snaps of all.

: not worth a snap

*:By April 2014, over 700 million snaps are shared per day on Snapchat — more than Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social networks.

*:The oldest snaps will be deleted after 24 hours, and to keep the story going youll have to add new content regularly.

*:While Snapchat bases its whole product marketing on the auto-deletion of the snaps (images and videos) so that they are not stored, recent reports indicate otherwise.Webster 1913

: He snapped his stick in anger.

: If you bend it too much, it will snap.

*: But this weapon will snap short, unfaithful to the hand that employs it.

: Blazing firewood snaps.

: A dog snaps at a passenger. A fish snaps at the bait.

: She snapped at the chance to appear on television.

: He snapped at me for the slightest mistake.

: She should take a break before she snaps.

: The floating toolbar will snap to the edge of the screen when dragged towards it.

*: He, by playing too often at the mouth of death, has been snapped by it at last.

: rfquotek|Granville

: to snap a fastener

: to snap a whip

*: MacMorian snapped his fingers repeatedly.

: He snapped a picture of me with my mouth open and my eyes closed.

: He can snap the ball to a back twenty yards behind him.

: The gun snapped.

: Snap! Weve both got pink buckets and spades.

: "I just ran over your phone with my car." "Oh, snap!"

: "Wasnt that John?" "Wasnt that John?" "Snap!"

: a snap judgment or decision; a snap political convention

*: I will wink, so shall the day seem night.

*: They are not blind, but they wink.

*: Some trot about to bear false witness, and say anything for money; and though judges know of it, yet for a bribe they wink at it, and suffer false contracts to prevail against equity.

*: And yet, as though he knew it not, / His knowledge winks, and lets his humours reign.

*: Obstinacy can not be winked at, but must be subdued.

: He winked at me.

: She winked her eye.

: The light winks.

*: I couldnt bear to leave him where he is. I shouldnt sleep a wink for thinking of him.

: The policeman waited for a heartbeat in vain

: He alone gives me such heartbeats

: If your heartbeat doesnt normalize soon, consult a doctor!

: Music is the heartbeat of the people.

: The ambulance arrived in a heartbeat.

: The loser in the staring game is the person who blinks first.

: She blinked her tears away.

*: One eye was blinking, and one leg was lame.

*: Show me thy chink, to blink through with mine eyne.

*: The dew was falling fast, the stars began to blink.

*: The sun blinked fair on pool and stream.

: The blinking text on the screen was distracting.

: An urban legend claims that gang members will attack anyone who blinks them.

: Dont come to the door until I blink twice.

*: All the waiters in your grand cafe / Leave their tables when you blink.

: to blink the question

: rfquotek|Jamieson

*: I can think of no good reason to use blink because blinking text and images are annoying, they mark the creator as an amateur, and they have poor browser support.

*: This is the first blink that ever I had of him.

*: Not a blink of light was there.

: rfquotek|Sir Walter Scott

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