sinsilla englanniksi   chinchilla


*: Its important to put a lot of thought into owning a chinchilla since they have a considerably long lifespan of 10 to 20 years.

*: Chinchillas are most widely known for their exceptional fur coat.

*: Chinchillas inhabit high elevations (3,000–5,000m) of the Chilean Andes Mountains. The chinchillas kept as pet or research animals in North America are all descendentssic of 13 founders wild caught in 1927.

*: Chinchillas are long-lived rodents that are native to South America, primarily Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile. The chinchilla is a hystricomorph (hedgehoglike) rodent closely related to guinea pigs, porcupines, and agoutis (Hrapkiewicz et al., 1998).

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