skida englanniksi   ski sv, sheath sv, pod sv, hull sv, scabbard sv


*: But when his foe lies prostrate on the plain, / He sheaths his paws, uncurls his angry mane, / And pleased with bloodless honours of the day, / Walks over and disdains th inglorious prey.

: rfquotek|Tusser

: She sat on the back porch hulling peanuts.

*: Deep in their hulls our deadly bullets light.

: holomorphically convex hull; affine hull; injective hull

*: We goe not, but we are carried: as things that flote, now gliding gently, now hulling violently, according as the water is, either stormy or calme.

*: I had had to discard my rifle before I commenced the rapid descent of the cliff, so that now I was armed only with a hunting knife, and this I whipped from its scabbard as Kho leaped toward me.

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