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*: That is a mere skit compared with this strange performance.

: That dratted cats been in the vegetable patch again.

*: Whereat Mr. Fussy Fumer, gravely displeased, hastens home and writes an anonymous letter to Mrs. Gamp, who joins him in dratting the imperent upstart, and denouncing the incompetence of the police.

*: And should you be one of those conventional persons who thinks of parasites as abnormal or perhaps goes so far as to drat the varmints, you may be surprised to discover, as I did, that parasites live both inside and outside most organisms in all the kingdoms, which makes parasitism thoroughly normal...

*: The practice in most African and some Asian cities is for private lorries to suck up human waste and dump it in rivers. [...] In tackling the shit problem, economics could well be a clincher.

: He had the shits for three days.

: Cant a guy take a shit in peace?

: Throw that shit out!

: I want your shit out of my garage by tomorrow.

: These grapes are the shit!

: Everything he says is a load of shit.

: Her son has been a real shit to her.

: His opinion is not worth shit. = His opinion is not worth anything.

: We don’t have shit to live on. = We don’t have anything to live on.

: John cant sing for shit. = John cant sing for anything. = John cant sing at all.

: Im in some serious shit.

: Some shit went down at the nightclub last night.

: I gave him shit for being three hours late twice in one week.

: What a shit film that was!

: That was a shit thing to do to him.

: Twelve hundred dollars!? Are you shitting me!?

: That ad shits me to tears.

: Shit! I think that I forgot to pack my sleeping bag last night!

: Holy shit!

: Oh, shit!

: "Oh, shit. I left my worksheet at home," she said to the language arts teacher, which got her in trouble.

: Jarrod:Who are you?

: Heath: Your fathers bastard son.

: - Television program [[w:The Big Valley|The Big Valley]], 1965

: Some bastard stole my car while I was helping an injured person.

: 1997, [[w:South Park|South Park]] television program

:: "Oh my God, they killed Kenny!" "You bastards!"

: Ill tell you one thing, you prick bastard, you know what I really hope for, pray for, and wish for?

: This makes them realize theyre human and maybe makes them less likely to be insensitive to the people they have to come in contact with because if they act too much like bastards, sooner or later someone is going to pop them one.

: Jesus you are a cold bastard, you know that?

: lucky bastard, poor bastard

: Get over here, you old bastard!

: Poor bastard, I feel so sorry for him.

: These poor bastards started out life probably in bad or broken homes.

: Life can be a real bastard.

: The architecture was a kind of bastard, suggesting Gothic but not being true Gothic.

*: We shall have all the world drink brown and white bastard.

: a bastard musket; a bastard culverin

*: that bastard self-love which is so vicious in itself, and productive of so many vices

: Ive got a bastard headache.

: A bastard orange gel produces predominantly orange light with undertones of blue.

*: Jack says, “Oh! Bastard! I’m hit!” That bullet had to have come in the busted back window and how it missed Johnnie to hit Jack I don’t know.

*: “Yes, I’m hhhhowwwwwwcch!” she yelped as she stubbed her toe against the bedpost. “Shit, shit, fuck, bastard, shit, crap!”

*: “Isn’t she lovely?” Clem asks, hopefully rhetorically. “Oh, bastard. I’ve got to go—that’s my signal. ...

: rfquotek|Francis Bacon

: The British Sexual Offences Act of 1967 is a buggers? charter. (see [ Are judges politically correct?])

: Hes a silly bugger for losing his keys.

: The bugger?s given me the wrong change.

: My computers being a bit of a bugger.

*: “I?ll take it out on dat young bugger,” he thought viciously.

*: Here the cheers and shouts of the gallery were interrupted by a shabby little man in the back row who yelled out with piercing distinctness: “Dont matter what you call ?im now, George. The bugger?s dead.”

: So youre stuck out in the wop-wops and the next train back is Thursday next week. Well, thats a bit of a bugger.

: How are you, you old bugger?

*: Good luck, you old bugger!

*: “And if Pelton found out that his kids are Literates—Woooo!” Cardon grimaced. “Or what weve been doing to him. I hope I?m not around when that happens. I?m beginning to like the cantankerous old bugger.”

: I dont give a [[bugger]] how important you think it is.

: Im a bugger for Welsh cakes.

: What is that little bugger up to now?

: To be buggered sore like a hobos whore (Attributed to Harry Mclintocks 1920s era [[w:Big Rock Candy Mountain|Big Rock Candy Mountain]])

: This computer is buggered! Oh no! Ive buggered it up.

: Bugger me sideways! Bugger me, heres my bus. Well, Im buggered!. Buggered if I know the answer to that.

: Bugger Bognor. (Alleged to be the last words of king George V of the United Kingdom in response to a suggestion that he might recover from his illness and visit Bognor Regis.)

: Bugger this for a lark. Bugger this for a game of soldiers.

: Im buggered from all that walking.

: Bugger, Ive missed the bus.

: Oh, bugger--

: Dont pay any attention to him. He talks a lot of bullshit.

: Anyone want to play a few hands of bullshit?

: Thats total bullshit! I called your office and they said you never came in!

: Thats the most bullshit excuse Ive ever heard.

: I think youre bullshitting. Let’s just call your office and see if you even came in.

: You’re bullshitting me. I called your office and you never even came in.

: He caught my attention with irrelevant asides that didn’t quite make sense, but sounded very erudite if you didn’t think about it too much. In other words, I noticed that he was bullshitting.

: I will probably just go and bullshit with Joe for awhile.

: We just went on stage and bullshitted the whole concert because we didnt know any songs.

*: ... Count Davia, like a Son of a Bitch as he is, Chopd upon mine and the Duke of Mantuus Equipage, and rubbd off with our Plate, Jewels, and other Knicknacks of Inestimable Value.

: “My mother never saw the irony in calling me a son of a bitch.” — attributed to various people, such as Jack Nicholson and Richard Jeni

: "This son of a bitch won’t move!" Marty exclaimed as he grappled with the supermarket cart.

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