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: A metal comb shed her golden hair.

: rfquotek|Robert of Brunne

: You must shed your fear of the unknown before you can proceed.

: When we found the snake, it was in the process of shedding its skin.

*: White oats are apt to shed most as they lie, and black as they stand.

*: She called on all the marathoners to go to Staten Island to help with the clean-up effort and to bring the clothes they would have shed at the start to shelters or other places where displaced people were in need.

*: Did Romeos hand shed Tybalts blood?

: I didnt shed many tears when he left me.

: A tarpaulin sheds water.

: Can you shed any light on this problem?

*: Sence now that he by the right honde of god exalted is, and hath receaved off the father the promys off the holy goost, he hath sheed forthe that which ye nowe se and heare.

*: Such a rain down from the welkin shadde.

*: Her hair ... is shed with grey.

: a wagon shed; a wood shed; a garden shed

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