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: Her answer to his proposal was a slap in the face.

: There is no simple answer to corruption.

*: There was no voice, nor any that answered.

*: She answers him as if she knew his mind.

: ux|en|He answered the question.

: to answer a charge or accusation

: ux|en|She answered the door.

: Nobody answered when I knocked on the door.

*: Of course for publication in a newspaper, my palaeotype would not answer, but my glossotype would enable the author to give his Pennsylvania German in an English form and much more intelligibly.

*: Theobald spoke as if watches had half-a-dozen purposes besides time-keeping, but he could hardly open his mouth without using one or other of his tags, and "answering every purpose" was one of them.

: ux|en|It answers the need.

: The man must answer to his employer for the money entrusted to his care.

: He has a lot to answer for.

*: Let his neck answer for it, if there is any martial law.

*: I wish she had answered her picture as well.

*: The use of dunder in the making of rum answers the purpose of yeast in the fermentation of flour.

*: The windows answering each other, we could just discern the glowing horizon through them.

*: Weapons must needs be dangerous things, if they answered the bulk of so prodigious a person.

*: That the time may have all shadow and silence in it, and the place answer to convenience.

*: If this but answer to my just belief, / Ill remember you.

*: As in water face answereth to face, so the heart of man to man.

*: No man was able to answer him a word.

*: These shifts refuted, answer thine appellant.

*: The reasoning was not and could not be answered.

: He answered my claim upon him.

: The servant answered the bell.

*: This proud king ... studies day and night / To answer all the debts he owes unto you.

*: I will ... send him to answer thee.

*: And grievously hath Caesar answered it.

*: Money answereth all things.

: I need a way out of this problem

: Were quite a way out now

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