sose englanniksi   mash fi, purée fi, sauce de, gravy de, chutney fi, dip de, spunk de, goo de


: rfquotek|Beaumont and Fletcher

: to mash on a bicycle pedal

*: He took the kettle off the fire and mashed the tea.

: apple sauce; mint sauce

: [meat] pie and [tomato] sauce

: Maybe you should lay off the sauce.

*: Roots, herbs, vine fruits, and salad flowers ... they dish up various ways, and find them very delicious sauce to their meats, both roasted and boiled, fresh and salt.

*: The first night of our expedition, we boiled our meat; and I asked the landlady for a little sauce, she told me to go to the garden and take as much cabbage as I pleased, and that, boiled with the meat, was all we could eat.

: rfquotek|Forby

: rfquotek|Bartlett

*: Earth, yield me roots; / Who seeks for better of thee, sauce his palate / With thy most operant poison!

*: Then fell she to sauce her desires with threatenings.

*: Ill sauce her with bitter words.

: ux|en|A roast dinner isnt complete without gravy.

: ux|en|There are few foods more Southern than biscuits and gravy.

*: With this the hostess poured two or three spoonfuls of the gravy of the curry on to the rice opposite to each person.

*: Now it seems that Pa Senik was a little deaf. Awang noticed that his father-in-law sometimes poured the gravy of his curry on his rice and that sometimes he sucked it up.

*: This is strained with a piece of cloth or a strainer and the green liquid forms the gravy of the curry.

*: Return flaked fish to curry gravy and bring to the boil.

: The first thousand tickets and the concessions cover the venue and the band. The rest is gravy.

: There is a dip in the road ahead.

*: the dip of oars in unison

: Im going for a dip before breakfast.

*: The Moocher was a "dip" in a dilettante sort of way, and his particular graft was boarding street-cars with his papers and grabbing womens pocket-books.

: This onion dip is just scrumptious.

: rfquotek|Marryat

: Dip your biscuit into your tea.

*: He dipped the end of a towel in cold water and with it began to flick him on the face, his wife all the while holding her face between her hands and sobbing in a way that was heart breaking to hear.

*: The suns rim dips; the stars rush out.

: Dip your lights as you meet an oncoming car.

: “The sailor rushed to the flag hoist to dip the flag in return.”

: The farmer is going to dip the cattle today.

: rfquotek|Fuller

*: ... during the reigns of King James and King Charles I, there were but very few children dipped in the font.

*: A cold shuddering dew / Dips me all oer.

*: He was ... dipt in the rebellion of the Commons.

: to dip water from a boiler; to dip out water

*: Whoever dips too deep will find death in the pot.

*: Live on the use and never dip thy lands.

: Strata of rock dip.

: He dipped out of the room so fast.

*: “...That?s none such an entirely bad little man, yon little man with the red head,” said Alan. “He has some spunks of decency.”

*: Spunk, or Touch-wood prepared, might perhaps make it Russet: and some, as Beringuccio affirmeth, have promised to make it Red.

*: At present, her only means of procuring subsistence for herself and children, is by making spunks or matches, which, either she or her eldest child, a girl about six years of age, sells from door to door.

*: “Spunks — spunks — spunks — who will buy my spunks?” — cried an errant voice with a beseeching earnestness....

*: “I reckon I?m as good as a mule,” he declared. “Maria knows what that desert is as well as we do, but she?s got more spunk than either of us. Im not going to let any mule show more spunk than me.”

*: “Youve got spunk, missy, I?ll have to say that for you. Maybe with your spunk and my good looks we can get this place in shape again.”

*: It was Sarah?s turn to laugh.

*: We are welcomed by 20 year old spunks, as we make a last valiant attempt with our bodies - gasp, gasp - and try to get back in shape.

*: It was runny stuff and, as she felt Brain loosen his hold on the drawstrings, Cackles spunk dripped onto the shelf of her chin.

: I stepped in some goo and had a terrible time getting the sticky stuff off my shoes.

: When dad couldnt stand the [[goo]] anymore, he stopped Tommys tearful goodbye from the Swedish au-pair Matts, firmly smacking the boys pants and grumbling "Now stop the goo or Ill give each of you a reason to cry!"

: They gooed their hair with some fragrant styling product.

: The infants goos and gahs were endearing.

: The baby gooed while daddy made sappy faces at it.

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