stürzen englanniksi   plummet de, precipitate de, subvert de, overthrow de, upset de, topple de


*: Ill sink him deeper than eer plummet sounded.

*: His parachute was shot half away, and if hed jumped he would have fallen like a plummet.

: After its ascent, the arrow plummeted to earth.

: to precipitate a journey, or a conflict

*: Back to his sight precipitates her steps.

*: If they be daring, it may precipitate their designs, and prove dangerous.

*: She and her horse had been precipitated to the pebbled region of the river.

: Adding the acid will cause the salt to precipitate.

: It will precipitate tomorrow, but we dont know whether as rain or snow.

*: The light vapour of the preceding evening had been precipitated by the cold.

*: Precipitate the furious torrent flows.

: The king was too precipitate in declaring war.

: a precipitate case of disease

*: He ... razeth your cities, and subverts your towns.

*: This would subvert the principles of all knowledge.

: A dictator stays in power only as long as he manages to subvert the will of his people.

*: And he made a scourge of smale cordes, and drave them all out off the temple, bothe shepe and oxen, and powred doune the changers money, and overthrue their tables.

*: His wife overthrew the table.

: I hate the current government, but not enough to want to overthrow them.

*: When the walls of Thebes he overthrew.

*: [Gloucester] that seeks to overthrow religion.

*: What then must we do? Why, work night and day, body and soul, for the overthrow of the human race!

: He overthrew first base, for an error.

: He was upset when she refused his friendship.

: My children often get upset with their classmates.

: His stomach was upset, so he didnt want to move.

: My late arrival caused the professor considerable upset.

: "collision and upset": impact with another object or an overturn for whatever reason.

*: "Bob, lets cancel the babysitter. With this upset stomach, I cant go out tonight.

*: "Try Pepto-Bismol. Hospital tests prove it relieves upsets. And its great for indigestion or nausea, too!"

: I’m sure the bad news will upset him, but he needs to know.

: Introducing a foreign species can upset the ecological balance.

: The fatty meat upset his stomach.

*: But this argument, which first Anaxagoras and later Eudoxus and certain others used, is very easily upset; for it is not difficult to collect many insuperable objections to such a view.

: Truman upset Dewey in the 1948 US presidential election.

: The carriage upset when the horse bolted.

*: with sail on mast upset

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