suku englanniksi   generation fi, birth fi, genus fi, stem fi, family fi, house fi, people fi, domain fi, kin fi, gender fi


*: The generation of peat, when not completely under water, is confined to moist situations.

*: So all things else, that nourish vitall blood, / Soone as with fury thou doest them inspire, / In generation seek to quench their inward fire.

*: Generation by Copulation (certainly) extendeth not to Plants.

*: Thy Mothers of my generation: whats she, if I be a Dogge?

: This is the book of the generations of Adam - Genesis 5:1

: Ye shall remain there [in Babylon] many years, and for a long season, namely, seven generations - Baruch 6:3

: All generations and ages of the Christian church - [[w:Richard Hooker|Richard Hooker]]

*: Before the independence of India the books of Dr P. K. Yadav presented a fundamental challenge to the accepted ideas of race relations that, two generations later, will be true of the writings of the radical writers of the 1970s.

*: The first-generation iPhone was released in June 2007 and was an instant blockbuster success.

: Generation X grew up in the eighties, whereas the generation known as the millennials grew up in the nineties.

: People sometimes dispute which generation of Star Trek is best, including the original and The Next Generation.

: Intersex babies account for roughly one per cent of all births.

: the birth of an empire

: He was of noble birth, but fortune had not favored him.

*: elected without reference to birth, but solely for qualifications

*: Poets are far rarer births than kings.

*: Others hatch their eggs and tend the birth till it is able to shift for itself.

: Her birth father left when she was a baby; she was raised by her mother and stepfather.

*: "I dont know nothin bout birthin babies!"

*: Biological evolution created a human mind that enabled cultural evolution, which now outpaces and outclasses the force that birthed it.

: All magnolias belong to the genus Magnolia.

: Other species of the genus Bos are often called cattle or wild cattle.

: There are only two genera and species of seadragons.

*: Müller ... criticized the division of the "Jubuleae" into two families and he cited Jubula as an annectant genus.

*: Recollection is one of a whole genus of effects which are more or less peculiar to the phenomena that we naturally call "mental."

*: all that are of noble stem

*: While I do pray, learn here thy stem / And true descent.

*: This is a stem / Of that victorious stock.

*: Wolsey sat at the stem more than twenty years.

*: After they are shot up thirty feet in length, they spread a very large top, having no bough nor twig in the trunk or the stem.

: the stem of an apple or a cherry

: to stem cherries; to stem tobacco leaves

: The current crisis stems from the short-sighted politics of the previous government.

*: As when two warlike Brigandines at sea, / With murdrous weapons armd to cruell fight, / Doe meete together on the watry lea, / They stemme ech other with so fell despight, / That with the shocke of their owne heedlesse might, / Their wooden ribs are shaken nigh a sonder ...

: to stem a tide

*: [They] stem the flood with their erected breasts.

*: Stemmed the wild torrent of a barbarous age.

*: Stem (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields are a particular cause for concern because within them there are more pronounced stereotypes, extreme competitiveness and gender inequities regarding the abilities and competencies of black male and female students.

: ux|en|Our family lives in town.

*: Such a scandal as the prosecution of a brother for forgery—with a verdict of guilty—is a most truly horrible, deplorable, fatal thing. It takes the respectability out of a family perhaps at a critical moment, when the family is just assuming the robes of is a black spot which all the soaps ever advertised could never wash off.

: ux|en|crime family, Mafia family

: ux|en|This is my fraternity family at the university.

: ux|en|Our company is one big happy family.

: ux|en|Magnolias belong to the family Magnoliaceae.

*: The closest affinities of the Jubulaceae are with the Lejeuneaceae. The two families share in common: a elaters usually 1-spiral, trumpet-shaped and fixed to the capsule valves, distallynb....

: ux|en|Doliracetam is a drug from the racetam family.

*: When creating a font family, first decide whether to use all serif or all sans-serif fonts, then choose two or three fonts of that type ...

: ux|en|the brass family;  the violin family

: ux|en|the Indo-European language family;  the Afro-Asiatic language family

: ux|en|The dog was kept as a family pet.

: ux|en|For Apocynaceae, this type of flower is a family characteristic.

: Its not good for a date, its a family restaurant.

: Some animated movies are not just for kids, they are family movies.

: The cultural struggle is for the survival of family values against all manner of atheistic amorality.

: I knew he was family when I first met him.

: ux|en|This is my house and my familys ancestral home.

*: The big houses, and there are a good many of them, lie for the most part in what may be called by courtesy the valleys. You catch a glimpse of them sometimes at a little distance from the [railway] line, which seems to have shown some ingenuity in avoiding them,nb....

*: one that feared God with all his house

: ux|en|The former carriage house had been made over into a guest house.

: ux|en|A small publishing house would have a contract with an independent fulfillment house.

: ux|en|One more, sir, then Ill have to stop serving you – rules of the house, Im afraid.

: ux|en|After her swan-song, there wasnt a dry eye in the house.

: ux|en|The petition was so ridiculous that the house rejected it after minimal debate.

: ux|en|A curse lay upon the House of Atreus.

*: Like a pestilence, it doth infect / The houses of the brain.

*: Such hate was his, when his last breath / Renounced the peaceful house of death nb....

: ux|en|I was a member of Spenser house when I was at school.

*: Since there was a limited number of planets, houses and signs of the zodiac, the astrologers tended to reduce human potentialities to a set of fixed types and to postulate only a limited number of possible variations.

: ux|en|As the babysitter, Emma always acted as the mother whenever the kids demanded to play house.

: The car is housed in the garage.

*: House your choicest carnations, or rather set them under a penthouse.

*: Palladius wished him to house all the Helots.

*: You shall not house with me.

*: Where Saturn houses.

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

: rfquotek|Sandys

: to house the upper spars

: ux|en|Why do so many people commit suicide?

*: The [[people]] have spoken, the [[bastard]]s.

*: And David reigned over all Israel; and David executed judgment and justice unto all his people.[]

*: The ox knows its owner, and the ass its masters crib; but Israel does not know, my people does not understand.

*: Kennedy looked down at Floods desk and thought about the possibilities. "Can you locate him?" "I already have my people checking on all [it]."

*: Can I have one of my people get back to your people, Mr. President?" She tried to slam the phone back into the base and failed.

: ux|en|My people lived through the Black Plague and the Thirty Years War.

: ux|en|Economocracy is government of the people, for the plutocrats, by their puppets.

*: He would not be alone, who all things can; / But peopled Heavn with Angels, Earth with Man.

*: ... / As thick and numberless / As the gay motes that people the Sun Beams, / ...

: The king ruled his domain harshly.

: Dealing with complaints isnt really my domain: get in touch with customer services.

: His domain is English history.

*: Every name in the DNS tree is a domain, even if it is terminal, that is, has no subdomains.

*: A characteristic of a field. A data domain specifies a data type and applies the minimum and maximum values allowed and other constraints.

*: You are of kin, and so a friend to their persons.

: It turns out my back-fence neighbor is kin to one of my co-workers.

: rfquotek|Riemann

*: If a musician were going to give a lecture upon the mathematical part of his art, he would find a very elegant substitute for the monochord in the Chinese kin.

*: The pronominal declension [of English], on which we will focus most of our attention, inflects pronouns for person, number, case, gender, animacy, and reflexivity.

*: Pronouns, for instance, are structures that organise information about continuous referents. This information is typically categorised in Romani according to Person, Number, Gender, Animacy, Case, and Discreteness.

*: To understand this title one needs to know that, in his brief description of gender in Algonquian, Bloomfield (1946:94) listed various exceptional animates including raspberry but not strawberry.

*: ...

*: In Algonquian languages, given the full morphology of a noun, one can predict whether it belongs to the animate or inanimate gender ...

*: The common gender might well reflect an IE animate gender.

*: 143. [...] We have now to speak of the following eight particulars relating to verbs: Gender or Sort, Person, Number, Time, Mode, Participle, Gerund, and Supine. [...]

*: 1st.--Of the Gender.

*: 144. Gender means the same as sort or kind. There are four principal Sorts of Verbs; namely, Active verbs, Passive verbs, Neuter verbs, and Impersonal verbs.

*: Many of the words quoted are purely reflexive, others passive or deponent. Such words as óttask, œðrask, dásk, iðrask, reiðask are deponent, though they originally may have been reflexive, but the active gender is here quite obsolete.

*: The general distinction is between three genders out of the five genders of the Latin tradition: active gender, passive gender, neuter gender.

: the trait is found in both genders

: The effect of the medication is dependent upon age, gender, and other factors.

*: One wife I met at a conference was in a hurry for her husband to have the genital surgery because she worried about his gender and genitals not matching if he were in a car accident, ...

*: Thomas Beatie, a transgendered man, announced in an April 2008 issue of the gay and lesbian news magazine, The Advocate, that he was pregnant. ... Moreover, he saw no conflict between his gender and his pregnancy.

*: Intersex people too challenge the idea that physical sex, not merely gender, is binary – a person must be definitively either one sex or the other.

*: The annals of colonial history offer relatively few such encounters between women, and it may be that gender has created here a marginal space in which something like an actual dialogue is possible between British and Sudanese.

*: Gender does not necessarily have primacy in this respect. Economic class and ethnic differentiation can also be important relational hierarchies, .... But these other differentiations are always also gendered, and in turn they help construct what is a man or a woman in any given circumstance. So while gender is binary, its components have varied expressions.

*: Even with some adamant processualists, however, gender has made inroads.

*: ...plant nettles or sow lettuce, set hyssop and weed up thyme, supply it with one gender of herbs or distract it with many...

*: In an interview, he even noted that he "dressed, acted and thought like a man" for years, but his coworkers continued to gender him as female (Shaver 1995, 2).

*: At the same time, however, the convictions they held about how a woman or man might write led them to interpret their findings in a rather androcentric fashion, and to gender the text accordingly.

*: Yet because texts by “female authors” are not dependent on the voice to gender the text, the topics that they address and the traditions that they employ seem broader and somewhat less constrained by gender stereotypes.

*: Ye shall keep my statutes. Thou shalt not let thy cattle gender with a diverse kind: thou shalt not sow thy field with mingled seed: neither shall a garment mingled of linen and woollen come upon thee.

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