suunnaton englanniksi   monstrous, monumental, leviathan, myriad, immense, prodigious, gargantuan, tremendous, gross, humongous


*: So bad a death argues a monstrous life.

: a monstrous height

: a monstrous ox

*: a monstrous birth

*: He, therefore, that refuses to do good to them whom he is bound to love ... is unnatural and monstrous in his affections.

*: Where thou, perhaps, under the whelming tide / Visitest the bottom of the monstrous world.

: "a monumental [[task]]"

*: Canst thou draw out leviathan with an hook? or his tongue with a cord which thou lettest down?

: That man was a leviathan! He took up a whole row of seats at the theatre.

: Earth hosts a myriad of animals.

*: How far he surpassed them all may be felt if we remember that no Scythian, although the Scythians are reckoned by their myriads, has ever succeeded in dominating a foreign nation ...

*: one night he would be singing at the barred window and yelling down out of the soft myriad darkness of a May night; the next night he would be gone [...].

*: "As a clinician, its a difficult symptom to treat," Cornelius said. "The end symptom may be the same, but whats causing it may be myriad."

: Earth hosts myriad animals.

*: Driven by a perceived political need to adopt a hard-line stance, Mr. Cameron’s coalition government has imposed myriad new restrictions, the aim of which is to reduce net migration to Britain to below 100,000.

*: rhymes|?d??s|lang=en

: Van Beethovens ninth symphony is a tremendous piece of music.

: There was a tremendous outpouring of support.

*: But man to know God is a difficulty, except by a mean he himself inure, which is to know God’s creatures that be: at first them that be of the grossest nature, and then [...] them that be more pure.

*: He collected a number of injuries that stopped him jousting, and then in middle age became stout, eventually gross.

: ux|en|a gross mistake;  gross injustice;  gross negligence

: ux|en|[[w:Gross domestic product|gross domestic product]]

*: Tell her of things that no gross ear can hear.

: The movie grossed three million on the first weekend.

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