syyllisyys englanniksi   blame, commitment, fault, guilt


: Blame came from all directions.

: The blame for starting the fire lies with the arsonist.

: They accepted the blame, but it was an accident.

*: though my loue be not so lewdly bent, / As those ye blame, yet may it nought appease / My raging smart [...].

*: These peculiarities of Dorotheas character caused Mr. Brooke to be all the more blamed in neighboring families for not securing some middle-aged lady as guide and companion to his nieces.

*: That was the year that Sir Richard was writing his volume on Domestic Life in Tartary. The critics all blamed it for a lack of concentration.

*: I covered the serious programmes too, and indeed, right from the start, I spent more time praising than blaming.

*: For knighthoods loue, do not so foule a deed, / Ne blame your honour with so shamefull vaunt / Of vile reuenge.

: The arsonist was blamed for the fire.

*: As patches set upon a little breach / Discredit more in hiding of the fault.

: No!. This is my fault, not yours

: For all her faults, shes a good person at heart.

: The fault lies with you.

: slate fault, dirt fault, etc.

: rfquotek|Raymond

*: one, it pleases me, for fault of a better, to call my friend

*: Ceasing their clamorous cry till they have singled, / With much ado, the cold fault clearly out.

*: For that I will not fault thee / But for humbleness exalt thee.

*: When a page is read in, a few pages surrounding the faulted page are typically loaded as well in the same I/O operation in an effort to head off future page faults.

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