täysi-ikäisyys englanniksi   age fi, majority fi, adulthood fi


: ux|en|What is the present age of a man, or of the earth?

: ux|en|Wisdom doesnt necessarily come with age, sometimes age just shows up all by itself.

: ux|en|to come of age;  he (or she) is of age

: ux|en|the age of consent;  the age of discretion

: ux|en|the golden age;  the age of Pericles

: ux|en|the Bronze Age was followed by the Iron Age;  the Tithonian Age was the last in the Late Jurassic epoch

: ux|en|There are three ages living in her house.

: ux|en|Its been an age since we last saw you.

: ux|en|Grief ages us.

: ux|en|Moneys a little tight right now, lets age our bills for a week or so.

: ux|en|One his first assignments was to age the accounts receivable.

*: They live one hundred and thirty years, and never age for all that.

*: I am aging; that is, I have a whitish, or rather a light-coloured, hair here and there.

: ux|en|He grew fat as he aged.

: The majority agreed that the new proposal was the best.

: Those opposing the building plans were in the majority, so the building project was canceled.

: The winner with 53% had a 6% majority over the loser with 47%.

: By the time I reached my majority, I had already been around the world twice.

: On receiving the news of his promotion, Charles Snodgrass said he was delighted to be entering his majority.

: The boy entered adulthood by undergoing a [[rite of passage]].

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