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: ux|en|Zero, one, -1, 2.5, and pi are all numbers.

: ux|en|The number 8 is usually made with a single stroke.

: ux|en|The equation e^{i\pi}+1=0 includes the most important numbers: 1, 0, \pi, i, and e.

: ux|en|Horse number 5 won the race.

: ux|en|Any number of people can be reading from a given repository at a time.

*: Number itself importeth not much in armies where the people are of weak courage.

: ux|en|Her passport number is C01X864TN.

*: “[...] I wonder if you could get hold of him and have him call me here at Interior. I’m in my office, do you have my number?”

*: When I agreed to go surfing with him he said, “Great, can I have your number?” Well, I don’t give my number to guys I don’t know.

: ux|en|Adjectives and nouns should agree in gender, number, and case.

*: Griefe brought to numbers cannot be so fierce, / For, he tames it, that fetters it in verse.

: ux|en|For his second number, he sang "The Moon Shines Bright".

*: I laughed. "Dont doubt that. Shes a saucy little number."

*: "Signorina Jessica," says the maid, a saucy little number, "your father has gone to his prayers and demands that you come to the synagogue at once [...]"

*: He had to focus on the mission, staying alive and getting out, not on the sexy number rubbing up against him.

*: The trouble was I was wearing my backless glittering number from the night before underneath, so unless I could persuade the office it was National Fancy Dress Day I was doomed to sweat profusely in bottle blue.

*: "I doubt the sexy number you wore earlier tonight fell from the sky."

*: Back at his place again, Doc rolled a number, put on a late movie, found an old T-shirt, and sat tearing it up into short strips ...

: the latest number of a magazine

: Number the baskets so that we can find them easily.

: I don’t know how many books are in the library, but they must number in the thousands.

: ux|en|The English language and the German language are related.

: ux|en|Deaf and mute people communicate using languages like [[ASL]].

*: Hence the natural language of the mute is, in schools of this class, suppressed as soon and as far as possible, and its existence as a language, capable of being made the reliable and precise vehicle for the widest range of thought, is ignored.

*: Mr. Darko, generally acknowledged to be the last surviving member of the Ofo Tribe, was also the last remaining speaker of the tribes language.

: ux|en|the gift of language

: ux|en|legal language;   the language of chemistry

*: Thus, when he drew up instructions in lawyer language, he expressed the important words by an initial, a medial, or a final consonant, and made scratches for all the words between; his clerks, however, understood him very well.

: ux|en|body language;   the language of the eyes

*: A tale about themselves [is] told by people with help from the universal languages of their eyes, their hands, and even their shirting feet.

*: A more likely hypothesis was that the attacked leaves were transmitting some airborne chemical signal to sound the alarm, rather like insects sending out warnings ... But this is the first time that a plant-to-plant language has been detected.

*: Prairie dogs use their language to refer to real dangers in the real world, so it definitely has meaning.

*: In fact pointers are called references in these languages to distinguish them from pointers in languages like C and C++.

*: Their language simple, as their manners meek, ...

: ux|en|The language used in the law does not permit any other interpretation.

: ux|en|The language he used to talk to me was obscene.

*: Others were languaged in such doubtful expressions that they have a double sense.

*: A flue-pipe is one in which the air passes through the throat, or flue, which is the narrow, longitudinal aperture between the lower lip and the tongue, or language. ... The language is adjusted by slightly elevating or depressing it, ...

: ux|en|It was hard to hear the sounds of his speech over the noise. He had a bad speech impediment.

: ux|en|The candidate made some ambitious promises in his campaign speech.

*: The constant design of these orators, in all their speeches, was to drive some one particular point.

: ux|en|Her speech was soft and lilting.

*: people of a strange speech

*: The duke...did of me demand / What was the speech among the Londoners / Concerning the French journey.

*: Mr. Gregson, who had listened to this address with considerable impatience, could contain himself no longer.

: ux|en|a man of pleasing or insinuating address

*: At their turning-lathes, they employ their toes to guide the chisel; and, in these pedipulations, shew to Europeans a diverting degree of address.

: ux|en|the Presidents address is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW in Washington, D.C.

: ux|en|I went to his address but there was nobody there

: ux|en|The program will crash if there is no valid data stored at that address.

*: Let us address to tend on Hectors heels.

*: Young Turnus to the beauteous maid addrest.

*: And this good knight his way with me addrest.

*: His foe was soon addressed.

*: Turnus addressed his men to single fight.

*: The five foolish virgins addressed themselves at the noise of the bridegrooms coming.

*: These men addressed themselves to the task.

*: ... good heavens! dumplings for supper! One young fellow in a green box coat, addressed himself to these dumplings in a most direful manner.

*: Tecla ... addressed herself in mans apparel.

*: The young hero had addressed his players to him for his assistance.

: ux|en|He addressed some portions of his remarks to his supporters, some to his opponents.

*: Are not your orders to address the senate?

*: The representatives of the nation addressed the king.

: ux|en|He addressed a letter.

: ux|en|The ship was addressed to a merchant in Baltimore.

*: In those fair vales, by nature formed to please, / Where Guadalquiver serpentines with ease

*: Beyond this vale of tears / There is a life above,

*: "Make me a cottage in the vale," she said, / "Where I may mourn and pray.

: Vale, Sarah Smith

: rfquotek|KnightWebster 1913

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