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: He picked up his quill and wrote a poem.

*: He touched the tender stops of various quills.

*: Coyotes, bears, and mountain lions which occasionally kill porcupines are sometimes quilled.

*: Then one of my dogs got quilled, and it happened again a month later. After putting the dog in a headlock, yanking out several dozen quills, and spurting blood all over myself and the decking of the back porch, I at least understood his antiporcupine venom.

*: Nibs never would have quilled a seriph to sheepskin.

*: One has only to recall that Coleridge and Wordsworth one day were lounging by the sea shore, while nearby sat an English police agent on snitch patrol prepared to rush to headquarters to quill a report about the conversation.

*: Another characteristic of Plains Indians was the fairly strict division between art made and used by men and art made and used by women. Although men and women sometimes cooperated, women usually painted or quilled very balanced, controlled geometric designs on dresses, moccasins, robes, bags, and containers.

: The window was protected by steel bars.

: Ancient Sparta used iron bars instead of handy coins in more valuable alloy, to physically discourage the use of money.

: We are expecting a carload of bar tomorrow.

: bar of chocolate

: bar of soap

: a bar of light; a bar of colour

: The street was lined with all-night bars.

: Step up to the bar and order a drink.

: The club has lifted its bar on women members.

*: Must I new bars to my own joy create?

: Suppose we have two objects, foo and bar.

: Hes studying hard to pass the Bar this time; hes failed it twice before.

: There were no bars so I didnt get your text.

: Potters Bar

*: But I shall be back with the yellow gold before the morning light;

*: Yet, if they press me sharply, and harry me through the day,

*: Then look for me by moonlight,

*: Watch for me by moonlight,

*: Ill come to thee by moonlight, though Hell should bar the way."|title=[[s:The Highwayman (Noyes)|The Highwayman]]|author=Alfred Noyes|year=1906

: Our way was barred by a huge rockfall.

: I couldnt get into the nightclub because I had been barred.

: bar the door

*: I lived in a hut in the yard, but to be out of the chaos I would sometimes get into the accountant’s office. It was built of horizontal planks, and so badly put together that, as he bent over his high desk, he was barred from neck to heels with narrow strips of sunlight.

: He invited everyone to his wedding bar his ex-wife.

: Leg At Each Corner is at 3/1, Lost My Shirt 5/1, and its 10/1 bar.

*: As they reached the door, Bose, having yarded the cows, was stealing around the corner of the pig-sty, and making for the woods.

*: there were some people found who tooke pleasure to unhood the end of their yard, and to cut off the fore-skinne after the manner of the Mahometans and Jewesnb....

*: You must note, that two [[fardel|Fardells]] of Land make a [[nook|Nooke]] of Land, and two Nookes make halfe a Yard of Land.

: I need to hedge a yard of yen.

: The circus strong man proved his [[strength]] by bending an iron rod, and then straightening it.

: When I hooked a snake and not a fish, I got so scared I dropped my rod in the water.

*: So was I brought up: they tell mee, that in all my youth, I never felt rod transterm|verges|lang=frm but twice, and that very lightly.

: The judge imposed on the thief a sentence of fifteen strokes with the rod.

: I notched a rod and used it to measure the length of rope to cut.

*: ‘And this thicket, so full of a natural art, was in the immediate vicinity, within a few rods, of the dwelling of Madame Deluc, whose boys were in the habit of closely examining the shrubberies about them in search of the bark of the sassafras.’

*: In one of the villages I saw the next summer a cow tethered by a rope six rods longnb....

*: A few rods farther led him past the old black Presbyterian church, with its square tower, embowered in a stately grove; past the Catholic church, with its many crosses, and a painted wooden figure of St. James in a recess beneath the gable; and past the old Jefferson House, once the leading hotel of the town, in front of which political meetings had been held, and political speeches made, and political hard cider drunk, in the days of "Tippecanoe and Tyler too."

: The house had a small yard of about six rods in size.

: The engine threw a rod, and then went to pieces before our eyes, springs and coils shooting in all directions.

: The rods are more sensitive than the cones, but do not discern color.

: He applied a gram positive stain, looking for rods indicative of Listeria.

*: These cylindrical rods fly through the air at incredible speeds and can only be picked up by high-speed cameras.

*: During one such broadcast in 1997, the esteemed radio host bellowed, “I got a fax earlier today from MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) in Arizona and they said what you think are rods are actually insects!”

*: He tells of a home video showing a rod flying into the open mouth of a girl singing at a wedding.

*: On impulse he moved around to the opposite side of the couple, in the direction which Graces broad buttocks were pointed, for a full view of the big boned womans back side. Now Grace wouldnt mind one iota if he rodded her from the rear.[[Category:en:Measuring instruments]][[Category:en:Ufology]][[Category:en:Units of measure]]----

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