tapahtumapaikka englanniksi   locale fi, venue fi, scene fi, locus fi, setting fi


: Being near running water and good shade, the explorers decided it was a good locale for setting up camp.

: the scene of the crime

: They stood in the centre of the scene.

: The play is divided into three acts, and in total twenty-five scenes.

: The most moving scene is the final one, where he realizes he has wasted his whole life.

: There were some very erotic scenes in the movie, although it was not classified as pornography.

*: In Troy, there lies the scene.

*: The world is a vast scene of strife.

: He assessed the scene to check for any danger, and agreed it was safe.

*: Through what new scenes and changes must we pass!

*: A sylvan scene with various greens was drawn, / Shades on the sides, and in the midst a lawn.

: They saw an angry scene outside the pub.

: The crazy lady made a scene in the grocery store.

*: Probably no lover of scenes would have had very long to wait or some explosions between parties, both equally ready to take offence, and careless of giving it.

: She got into the emo scene at an early age.

: The cafeteria was the locus of activity.

: A circle is the locus of points from which the distance to the center is a given value, the radius.

: the setting of the sun

: the setting, or hardening, of moist plaster of Paris

: the volume setting on a television

*: Thou shalt set in it settings of stones.

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