tappi englanniksi   toggle fi, cotter fi, tap fi, stalk fi, peg fi, bayonet fi, spigot fi, tenon fi, dowel fi, pivot fi, pin fi, cone fi


: Clicking a button will alternately toggle its light on OR off.

: toggle to lower/upper case

: You can quickly toggle the case of selected text by pressing Shift+C

: We dont have bottled water; youll have to get it from the tap.

: a liquor of the same tap

: We drilled a hole and then cut the threads with the proper tap to match the valves thread.

: The system was barely keeping pressure due to all of the ill-advised taps along its length.

: If we tap the maple trees, we can get maple syrup!

: He tapped a new barrel of beer.

: They cant tap the phone without a [[warrant]].

: He was known to tap [[cable television]]

: Tap an M3 thread all the way through the hole.

: He was so [[nervous]] he began to tap his fingers on the [[table]].

: She tapped her companion on the back to indicate that she was ready to go.

: Lydia tapped Jim on the shoulder to get his attention.

: The [[tree]], [[sway]]ing in the [[breeze]], began to tap on the [[window]] [[pane]].

: I would tap that hot girl over there.

: Id tap that.

*: Hard to believe [[w:Kimo Leopoldo|Kimo &

*: Just started bjj [=[[w:Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu|Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu]]] couple of months ago and i finally tapped someone!!! WOOOHOO! The guy i tapped has been traiing a few more months than me, outweighs me by at least 30 pounds, and is in great shape from the army.

*: [[w:Genki Sudo|&

: to tap shoes

: rfquotek|Addison

: When Steve felt a tap on his shoulder, he turned around.

: rfquotek|Wilhelm

: ux|en|a stalk of wheat, rye, or oats;  the stalks of maize or hemp

*: Three chairs of the steamer type, all maimed, comprised the furniture of this roof-garden, with...on one of the copings a row of four red clay flower-pots filled with sun-baked dust from which gnarled and rusty stalks thrust themselves up like withered elfin limbs.

: rfquotek|Grew

: rfquotek|Chaucer

*: As for shooting a man from behind a wall, it is cruelly like to stalking a deer.

*: But they had already discovered that he could be bullied, and they had it their own way; and presently Selwyn lay prone upon the nursery floor, impersonating a ladrone while pleasant shivers chased themselves over Drina, whom he was stalking.

: ux|en|My ex-boyfriend is stalking me.

*: [Bertran] stalks close behind her, like a witchs fiend, / Pressing to be employed.

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

*: The king...crept under the shoulder of his led horse;..."I must stalk," said he.

*: One underneath his horse, to get a shoot doth stalk.

*: When the stalk was over (the antelope took alarm and ran off before I was within rifle shot) I came back.

*: With manly mien he stalked along the ground.

*: Then stalking through the deep, / He fords the ocean.

*: I forbear myself from entering the lists in which he has long stalked alone and unchallenged.

: Hang your coat on the peg and come in.

: a peg to hang a claim upon

*: This over, the club will be visited for a "peg," Anglice drink.

*: "Now Im cleaned up for thee: thas no casions ter stir a peg all day, but sit and read thy books."

*: O, you are well tuned now!

*: But Ill set down the pegs that make this music,

*: As honest as I am.

*: to screw papal authority to the highest peg

*: We still have worsted all your holy tricks; / Trepannd your party with intrigue, / And took your grandees down a peg...

: Lets peg the rug to the floor.

: I found a tack and pegged your picture to the bulletin board.

: She lunged forward and pegged him to the wall.

: Chinas currency is no longer pegged to the American dollar.

: Hes been pegged as a suspect.

: I pegged his weight at 165.

: She pegged twelve points.

: We pegged the speedometer across the flats.

*: Fig. 3. Its [[bayonet]], to be [[fix]]ed by [[stick]]ing the handle into the [[muzzle]] of the [[musquet]].

*: to bayonet us into submission

: First well tenon this part, then well make a mortise that will fit it on that part.

: A cooper dowels pieces for the head of a cask.Webster 1913

*: Sandy Weill was the man who stitched Citigroup together in the 1990s and in the process helped bury the Glass-Steagall act, a Depression-era law separating retail and investment banking. Last month he performed a perfect pivot: he now wants regulators to undo his previous work.

*: With pins of adamant / And chains they made all fast.

: Pull the pin out of the grenade before throwing it at the enemy.

: Im not so good on my pins these days.

: The UK standard connector for domestic mains electricity has three pins.

: The shot landed right on the pin.

*: the very pin of his heart cleft

*: a merry pin

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

*: He ... did not care a pin for her.

: to pin a window to the Taskbar

: «Let J be an index category which has an initial object I. Let F be a diagram of type J in C. Then category C contains a [[cone]] from F(I) to F.»

: «If category C has a [[cone]] from N to F and a morphism from M to N, then category C also has a [[cone]] from M to F.»

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