tenter englanniksi   tempt fr, endeavor fr, try fr, hazard fr, tenter en, attempt fr


: She tempted me to eat the apple.

: Its glossy skin tempted me.

: It would be tempting fate.

*: And these three: 1. the law over them that have sovereign power; 2. their duty; 3. their profit: are one and the same thing contained in this sentence, Salus populi suprema lex; by which must be understood, not the mere preservation of their lives, but generally their benefit and good. So that this is the general law for sovereigns: that they procure, to the uttermost of their endeavour, the good of the people.

*: As we shall find it necessary, in our endeavours to bring electrical phenomena within the province of dynamics, to have our dynamical ideas in a state fit for direct application to physical questions we shall devote this chapter to an exposition of these dynamical ideas from a physical point of view.

*: The like has been the endeavour of critics, logicians, and even politicians ....

*: And such were praised who but endeavoured well.

*: The other species of philosophers consider man in the light of a reasonable rather than an active being, and endeavour to form his understanding more than cultivate his manners.

*: It is our duty to endeavour the recovery of these beneficial subjects.

*: If you be affronted, it is better, in a foreign country, to pass it by in silence, and with a jest, though with some dishonour, than to endeavour revenge; for, in the first case, your credits neer the worse when you return into England, or come into other company that have not heard of the quarrel.

: ux|en|I tried to [[rollerblade]], but I couldn’t.   Ill come to dinner soon. Im trying to beat this level first.

*: euery feend his busie paines applide, / To melt the golden metall, ready to be tride.

: ux|en|to try out the wild corn from the good

: rfquotek|Sir T. Elyot

: ux|en|I tried mixing more white paint to get a lighter shade.

: ux|en|I shall try my skills on this;  you are trying my patience

*: “So mousie shall only find tins on the floor now,” thought Miss Mapp. “Mousie shall try his teeth on tins.”

: ux|en|Try this—you’ll [[love]] it.

: ux|en|to try weights or measures by a standard;  to try a persons opinions

*: Let the end try the man.

: ux|en|He was tried and [[execute]]d.

*: The murderer, he recalled, had been tried and sentenced to imprisonment for life, but was pardoned by a merciful governor after serving a year of his sentence.

*: Try the Libyan heat or Scythian cold.

: rfquotek|Milton

: ux|en|You are trying too hard.

: ux|en|How do you try! (i.e., how do you do?)

: ux|en|to try rival claims by a duel;  to try conclusions

*: Left I the court, to see this quarrel tried.

: ux|en|The light tries his eyes.

: ux|en|Repeated failures try ones patience.

: I gave unicycling a try but I couldn’t do it.

: I gave sushi a try but I didn’t like it.

: Today I scored my first try.

: rfquotek|Holland

*: But he her suppliant hands, those hands of gold, / And eke her feete, those feete of silver trye, […] Chopt off […].

*: I will stand the hazard of the die.

*: I see animated movies are now managing, by hazard or design, to reflect our contemporary reality more accurately than live-action movies.

: He encountered the enemy at the hazard of his reputation and life.

*: Men are led on from one stage of life to another in a condition of the utmost hazard.

*: Why, now, blow wind, swell billow, and swim bark! The storm is up and all is on the hazard.

*: Quite apart from the gruesome road hazards, snow is awful even when you dont have to travel.

: The video game involves guiding a character on a skateboard past all kinds of hazards.

*: your latter hazard

*: Men hazard nothing by a course of evangelical obedience.

*: He hazards his neck to the halter.

*: I hazarded the loss of whom I loved.

*: They hazard to cut their feet.

: Ill hazard a guess.

*: Woollen cloth will tenter, linen scarcely.

: I attempted to sing, but my throat was too hoarse.

: to attempt an escape from prison

: ux|en|A group of 80 budding mountaineers attempted Kilimanjaro, but 30 of them didnt make it to the top.

*: Something attempted, something done, / Has earned a nights repose.

*: It made the laughter of an afternoon / That Vivien should attempt the blameless king.

: one who attempts the virtue of a woman

*: Dear sir, of force I must attempt you further: / Take some remembrance of us, as a tribute.

: to attempt the enemys camp

*: without attempting his adversarys life

: We made an attempt to cross the stream, but didnt manage.

: This poem is much better than the feeble attempt of mine.

: It was worth the attempt.

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