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: The word “speak” is an English verb.

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*: Haig, in congressional hearings before his confirmatory, paradoxed his auditioners by abnormalling his responds so that verbs were nouned, nouns verbed and adjectives adverbised. He techniqued a new way to vocabulary his thoughts so as to informationally uncertain anybody listening about what he had actually implicationed... .

*: Nouns should never be verbed.

*: In English, verbing nouns is okay

*: For example, one-part versions of the proposition "The doctor pursued the lawyer" were "The doctor verbed the object," ...

*: Each sentence had the same basic structure: The subject transitive verbed the object who intransitive verbed in the location.

*: The sentence frame was Dan verbed Ben approaching the store. This sentence frame was followed in all cases by He went inside.

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