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*: The black cloth bestrewn with white beads blew up from time to time, laying bare the coffin. The tired bearers walked more slowly, and it advanced with constant jerks, like a boat that pitches with every wave.

: When I yell "OK," give the mooring line a good jerk!

: I finally fired him, because he was being a real jerk to his customers, even to some of the staff.

: You really are a jerk sometimes.

*: York came to me first, whilst the groom stood at Gingers head. He drew my head back and fixed the rein so tight that it was almost intolerable; then he went to Ginger, who was impatiently jerking her head up and down against the bit, as was her way now.

: rfquotek|Florio

: to jerk a stone

: Jerk chicken is a local favorite.

*: The Lemakot in the north strangled widows and threw them into the cremation pyres of their dead husbands. If they defeated potential invaders the New Irish hanged the vanquished from banyan trees, flensed their windpipes, removed their heads, left their intestines to jerk in the sun.

: I saw a little twitch in the mans face, and knew he was lying.

: rfquotek|J. H. Walsh

*: "Why is it that you twitch whenever I say Faith?"

*: Their feet padded softly on the ground, and they crept quite close to him, twitching their noses...

: to twitch somebodys sleeve for attention

*: Thrice they twitched the diamond in her ear.

*: "The Birdwatchers Handbook ... will be a clear asset to those who twitch in Europe."

*: "But the key revelation from twitching that wonderful Iceland Gull on 10 March 1974 wasnt its eroticism. It was the sheer innocence of it."

*: "I hadnt seen John since I went to Adelaide to (unsuccessfully) twitch the 87 Northern Shoveler, when I was a skinny, eighteen- year-old kid. "

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