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: rfquotek|Charles Dickens

*: The doom of Fate was, Be thou a Dandy! Have thy eye-glasses, opera-glasses, thy Long-Acre cabs with white-breeched tiger, thy yawning impassivities, pococurantisms; fix thyself in Dandyhood, undeliverable; it is thy doom.

*: Jim remarked irrelevantly that tigers were schelms and it was his conviction that there were a great many in the kloofs round about.

*: Dont ... Tell your roommate that you heard the walls shaking all night, and it sounds like hes a real tiger in the sack.

*: As for that heinous tiger, Tamora,
No funeral rite, nor man in mournful weeds,
No mournful bell shall ring her burial;
But throw her forth to beasts, and birds of prey.

: three cheers and a tiger

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