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: ux|en|Each tile within Google Maps consists of 256 × 256 pixels.

: ux|en|Sprites and tiles that are hidden in the prototype ROM file can be recovered.

: rfquotek|Charles Dickens

: to tile a Masonic lodge

: tile the door

: This wall is made of bricks.

: This house is made of brick.

: a plastic explosive brick

: Thanks for helping me wash the car. Youre a brick.

: We cant win if we keep throwing up bricks from three-point land.

: ux|en|The two of clubs was a complete brick on the river

: All that was left after the fire was the brick chimney.

*: If the ground is strong right up to the surface, a few yards are usually sunk and bricked before the engines and pit top are erected

*: The shaft was next bricked between the decks until the top scaffold was supported by the brickwork and [made] to share the weight with the prids.

*: The plant, which is here described, for bricking fine ores and flue dust, was designed and the plans produced in the engineering department of the Selby smelter.

: My VCR was bricked during the lightning storm.

*: installing third-party firmware will void your warranty, and it is possible that you may brick your router.

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