todellinen englanniksi   real fi, actual fi, tangible fi, positive fi, factual fi, genuine fi, real life fi, true fi, substantial fi


*: [T]he real reason he didnt come was because he was scared of flying[.]

: ux|en|This is real leather.

*: Whose perfection far excelled / Hers in all real dignity.

: ux|en|These are real tears!

: a description of real life

*: I waked, and found / Before mine eyes all real, as the dream / Had lively shadowed.

: ux|en|No one has ever seen a real unicorn.

: ux|en|My dad calculated my familys real consumption per month.

: ux|en|What is the real GNP of this polity?

: ux|en|[[real estate]];  [[real property]]

*: Many are perfect in mens humours that are not greatly capable of the real part of business.

: ux|en|This is a real problem.

: ux|en|Im keeping it real.

*: There have been several classical constructions of the reals that avoid these problems, the most famous ones being Dedekind Cuts and Cauchy Sequences, named respectively for the mathematicians Richard Dedekind (1831 - 1916) and Augustine Cauchy (1789 - 1857). We will not discuss these constructions here, but will use a more modern one developed by Gabriel Stolzenberg, based on "interval arithmetic."

: rfquotek|Burton

*: Within weeks of this bombshell, an aide to the brother of the chairman of the PT, José Genoino, was arrested boarding a flight with 200,000 reais in a suitcase and $100,000 in his underpants.

: ux|en|the actual cost of goods;  the actual case under discussion

: ux|en|The actual government expenses dramatically exceed the budget.

: ux|en|The actual situation of the world economy is worse than anyone expected a year ago

*: her walking and other actual performances.

*: Let your holy and pious intention be actual; that is ... by a special prayer or action, ... given to God.

: "Bravo Six Actual, Snakebite leader" (The person with the callsign "Snakebite leader" requests to speak to the commander of company Bravo and not the radio operator.)

: Yes, but what are the tangibles?

*: In laws, that which is natural bindeth universally; that which is positive, not so.

*: Positive words, that he would not bear arms against King Edward’s son.

*: I’m absolutely positive youve spelt that wrong.

*: a positive voice in legislation.

*: Some positive, persisting fops we know, That, if once wrong, will needs be always so.

*: Positive good.

*: A [[cation]] is a positive ion as it has more protons than electrons.

*: ‘Better’ is an irregular comparative of the positive form ‘good’.

*: The idea of beauty is not positive, but depends on the different tastes of individuals.

*: The box was not empty – I felt some positive substance within it.

*: The results of our experiment are positive.

*: A positive photograph can be developed from a photographic negative.

*: The first-night reviews were largely positive.

*: Good lord, youve built up a positive arsenal of weaponry here.

*: He has a positive outlook on life.

*: 2009, Christopher Johns, Becoming a Reflective Practitioner, John Wiley & Sons, [

*: Negative feelings can be worked through and their energy converted into positive energy... In crisis, normal patterns of self-organization fail, resulting in anxiety (negative energy). Being open systems, people can exchange this energy with the environment and create positive energy for taking action...

: rfquotek|South

: ux|en|a genuine text;  a genuine production;  genuine materials

: ux|en|This is a true story.

: ux|en|a true copy;   a true likeness of the original

*: making his eye, foot, and hand keep true time

: ux|en|"A and B" is true if and only if "A" is true and "B" is true.

: ux|en|He’s turned out to be a true friend.

: ux|en|This is true Parmesan cheese.

: ux|en|The true king has returned!

*: Let Z_t be twice the value of a true die shown on the t-th toss.

*: In fact, few profit margins can be predicted with such reliability as those provided by a true roulette wheel or other game of chance.

*: We do not reject, because 9 heads and 3 tails is in a set of reasonably likely results when we toss a true coin.

: ux|en|this gun shoots true

*: Some toolmakers are very careless when drilling the first hole through work that is to be bored, claiming that if the drilled hole comes out of true somewhat it can be brought true with the boring tool.

*: She clapped her hands happily, and he thought how pretty she was really, that is, the upper part of her face—from the bridge of the nose down she was somewhat out of true.

*: The crate shifted on its pallet, out of sync now. As the lift withdrew, the crate skidded with it, dragged by friction and gravity, skewing farther and farther from true.

*: The strength and number of blows depends on how far out of true the shafts are.

: He trued the spokes of the bicycle wheel.

: We spent all night truing up the report.

: A substantial amount of people in this buliding

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